**FREE FOR 3 DAYS ONLY** GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!! 7 Exciting Towers, Over 500 Floors waiting to be conquered by you!MonTowers, the new evolution of monster-collection gaming!! Enjoy ?Korea & Japan's #1 Game? and over 20,000 5 Star Reviews from around the world!? #1 Game in Korea&Japan ? US, China and 16 Other Countries - Top Rank? Over 500,000 Players!------------------------------- + Summon Monsters! ------------------------------- - Players will summon the monsters they have captured while attacking the tower. - Players can enjoy tactical combats by combining special abilities that each monster has. - There are 660 types of costumes available for the monsters. ------------------------------- + Stronger and Sexier Monsters!------------------------------- - Each monster will have 3 upgradable costumes all powerful than the next!- You can obtain the monsters’ pictures and enjoy them through the Gallery. ------------------------------- + Endless Battles in the Towers! ------------------------------- - Players can summon monsters they have obtained by fighting in the tower that features 500 levels in total spread over 7 different towers- Players can capture all monsters that are in the tower. ------------------------------- + Look for the Opportunity! GachaMon! ------------------------------- - There are special spells that allow the players to summon the monsters they don’t have. - You can obtain your very own monster by using a special monster and the recipe given by GachaMon. ------------------------------- + Regular Updates for Our Users ------------------------------- - Update will be provided every month after the release. Your MonTowers will continue to evolve. ? Please check the compatible model. - System Requirements: iOS that is higher than 4.3 version - iPhone 3GS,4,4S/ iPod 3,4 Generation/ iPad 1,2,3

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