PigRange is a funny shooter that will help you take the time on the road or wherever you are!
Your children and you, will love the funny characters.
The purpose of the game is to get as many points as you can, using the chosen strategy and tactics.
Despite its apparent simplicity, to achieve a good result is not so simply
Different types of game need their own tactics
This game can appeal to all, young and old, and has no age restrictions.

Whatever,whether you like playing the PigRange or not, whether you want to purchase a full version which contains additional characters and different modes of game, or not ...
In any case, the game can make you smile :0)

Among other things, in the full version of game is planned to integrate Game Centre (for iOS) for you to share you achievements with other players.
In subsequent updates will be added some more funny characters with funny animation.
And depending on the game success, will be more updates with more improvements, like the the system of ranks and so on.

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