Dora, Demon of Red Allen, is a cute giant girl machine made by the evil doctor Red Allen in order to conquer the world. However, Red Allen made a mistake and installed a girl sim. game into his world conquering machine... This devastating mistake programms Dora to randomly fall in love with any cute tiny household products such as a cleaner! Although Dora turned harmless by this careless mistake, the government is not so careless. They are determined to crash Red Allen's evil once and for all. Thus, they send out massive waves of army to destroy Dora!!!!Can you protect innocent Dora from been destroyed? This is a free app came out of our 2 day game jam event made with cocos2d, we decided to make it open source and free for all to download and playControl:use Left, Right to move aboutuse A to destroy your enemy in meleeuse B to destroy them with range.. (only that it is extremely short ranged :p)use C to pick up those tiny machine to protect themwhile machines are picked up, use B,A,C key to release them---------------------------------------------------?????????,???????? Dora ???????,????????,??????????????????? Dora ???????????? Dora ????????????(???????),????????????? Dora????????????????????????,?? Dora ?????????,???????,???????????? NPC ??,Dora ????????? HP,?????????? HP???,??(??)??????,Dora ?????????,?????????,Dora ??????,??????????????????????? A, B, C ??????????,A, B, C ?????????????????????????????????,B ??????????????????;??????,?? A ????????,???????????,???????????

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