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How do I obtain a blue key?

None of the quests give it.


awalker1134 answered:

2 ways 1- Get lucky and get it from quests, 2- Battle someone else who has one
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Woswag answered:

1- Questing
2- battle someone who has it
3- pay [items/cards] strong people to get one for you
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zzzBOBzzz answered:

Put it in your wish list sometimes people will just gift it to you.
Tough to get via battles because some heavy decks sit on it to build their rankings.
Trading is also a good way to get it.

I know that my man account can get it from questing but my demon account cannot.

Just make sure you have the other 5 first or you risk someone taking it before you complete your set.

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KingWenzhou answered:

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xandra177 answered:

If you are man realm, the 11-2 quest will eventually drop it. If you are not man realm, the only way to get it is through battle (steal it from another play by "targeting" that treasure), or gift.

Recommendation: if you are trying to complete your key treasure set, make sure you have all 5 of the other keys. As soon as you acquire the blue key, it will complete the set. Otherwise, chances are that you will be attacked within seconds of getting the blue key, and likely by a very strong attack deck. If you have a great defense deck and lots of defense power, stock up on blue keys and watch your honor points shoot through the roof.
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