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Asked: 2 years ago

Why does class 2 not make a profit?

Why does the pearjet and other class 2 planes not make a profit when i put it in red and blue citys. It has (red profit). Do I have to fill them up with a one city destination stop to make a profit.?

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They can only land in class 2 airports. If you don't have many it can't do the runs. Sell old airports and buy the 51.000 dollar airports within range.

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I have a Class 2 Plane with three different airports to go to, as long as it has 2 people in it, i make money (unless they go to different areas).

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when your profit is red, its negative profit, wich means you lose money on the flight. This might be because you don't have a good selection of airports to go to (it can only go to red and blue), or your airports are out of the way. Try making your flight paths as straights as possible when making multiple stops, but always go for the 25% bonus, and fill it with as many passengers as possible.

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