Mojo's getting stinky and it's time to give him a bath!Guide Simon through all the steps of bathing his pal Mojo and have a clean friend in the end!Features:* Dynamic Text Input: Type your commands for Simon to follow. You might be surprised by what he'll say!* Awesome "Paper Pixel" art style!* Well over 100 different voice responses to some of the craziest things you can type up!* 10 Mystery Trophies to unlock! * Fun for adults and kids alike!* A great sense of humor!You can even delete your trophies and hand the game over to a friend to see if they can get Mojo clean! Ask questions! Give commands!Have fun! It's Simon And Mojo: Bath Time! Yeah!Featured on as a polished app "worth your attention.""Simon and Mojo: Bath Time looks to be lots of fun for people of all ages." - AppChronicles.comHere's what some of the thousands of Bathers have been saying about Simon And Mojo: Bath Time!"What a great game! It'll make you think & smile. Really, really fun.""Great combination of old-school text adventure style games and stylish graphics."

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