? Special Weapon~ AK-47 Gold edition !! ?? Spring special sale !! Up to 50% OFF ! ?? HP recovery item ?? Get FREE items worth even $3.3 ? Gift Item: 11 Grenades + 11 Bullet Time + 3,000 GP ? Get FREE items worth even $3.3 ?Gift Item: 11 Grenades + 11 Bullet Time + 3,000 GP? Thrilled Zombie Rush & Hack and Slash style FPS? 500+ Mission Modes & 23 Realistic Guns? Optimized Interface for touch-based deviceYou can enjoy zombie shooting at 500+ mission modes & 60 boss battles with upgrading guns and various items, and also shooting simulation and customizing. [Features]- The New ‘HELLGATE’, Endless zombie-rush- Various mission & boss modes & Hellwave by gun type- World & Individual Ranking- 23 Realistic Guns and simulator- 15+ diverse zombie types- Upgrade & Customization of each guns- World & Individual Ranking[Language]- English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian[23 Realistic Guns]- Assault rifle: AK47, AK74, M16A4, M16A4 M320, M4A1, AUG, SCAR-H Foregrip, G36C, P90, BAR - Battle rifle: M14EBR, G3A4- Shot gun: M1014, SPAS-12, Keltec KSG- Sub machine gun: Mini-Uzi, RPD, MP5, Thompson - Pistol: G18, M1911, Desert Eagle ♥♥ FACEBOOK & Twitter ♥♥- Enable to post up your guns or Hell gate score on Facebook and Twitter!/pnixgames Support: above iPhone 3GS

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