Play Snake like it is the year 2000! This is a remake of the original Snake II, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!! (UP TO FRIDAY THE 13th) **It is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original, play Snake 2k and be prepared to lose some productive hours. Simply launch the app, touch a button and start!Snake 2k features:- old school controls (or choose for big easy controls)- original sounds- go through the walls!- be sure to quickly catch the bonus creatures for extra points- 9 original and 3 extra difficulty levels- 5 original and 2 extra labyrinths- a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)- (optional)international leaderboard using Game CenterBy carefully analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snake 2k remake is one of the most accurate available.If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.Have Snake fun! Best regards from Amsterdam,The developer,Willem.(Oh and yes! This is from the same guy that brought you Snake '97!)

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