***Normally $0.99, Pocket Heroes is FREE for MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND ONLY - GRAB IT NOW!!!*** Quest with your friends in Pocket Heroes, the first cooperative multiplayer-only RPG built exclusively for iPhone! Featuring hand-crafted dungeons, intuitive gameplay, and hours of quests, this is a must-have experience if you love dungeon crawling, role-playing, and co-op gaming.***Please Note: This is a multiplayer-only game. You can create multiple games with friends via email or Game Center name. We also now support random invites so you can jump into a game with random players. Thanks for downloading!***GAME FEATURESQUEST WITH FRIENDSFour-player gaming lets you play cooperatively with up to three friends to solve quests, slay monsters, and experience an epic fantasy adventure, one turn at a time.BUILT FOR CO-OP PLAYFeatures like in-game chatting and bonus loot and xp for big parties make adventuring in Pocket Heroes as social and fun as possible.HAND-CRAFTED LEVELSAdventure through ten hand-crafted environments from dungeon halls to forests, as you progress through the game's campaign mode. Don't settle for random dungeon crawls. With hand-built levels, you can experience triggered events and objects to interact with.MULTIPLE UNIQUE CLASSESPlay as the Human Paladin, Elf Rogue, Dwarf Mechie, or Moon Priestess, each with their own special abilities and spells, with more classes coming soon in future updates.ROBUST LEVELING SYSTEMA simple but deep leveling system lets you choose new skills as you level up, adding progressively more powerful abilities from newly unlocked tiers of power.OVER 20 DIFFERENT MONSTERS TYPESFight against human bandits, skeletons, rat-faced "vermen," goblins, spiders, and more, each with their own abilities and attack styles.LOOT AND TREASUREFind treasure from your defeated enemies and equip your characters with weapons, armor, trinkets, and special-use items.RETRO GRAPHICSPocket Heroes features retro-style graphics that recall old 8-bit console RPGs, bringing a light-hearted nostalgic visual style to this modern, coop role-playing experience.GAME CENTER LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTSIf you have a competitive side, then race up the Kills and Gold leaderboards to prove your questing prowess, and strive to complete over twenty achievements.MORE CONTENT COMING SOONWith Pocket Heroes 1.0 you only see a glimpse of the world of Altair. We plan to update the game in the future with new classes, more dungeons, and even more fun co-op gameplay mechanics.

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