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Version 1.2 9/11/12
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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Edna & Harvey: 
The Breakout. It's an iPad game about a girl who has been 
locked inside an insane asylum. With the help of her 
stuffed animal, a rabbit named Harvey, Edna pledges to 
escape from the asylum and clear the name of her father, a 
convicted murderer.

To contact me about this guide, use my email address 

Thanks to Joan Stark, who made the picture of the rabbit 
that is seen at the top of this guide.


Escaping the Building

The game begins with Edna in an insane asylum. She has been 
given drugs, so she cannot remember who she is or why she's 
here. About the only thing she can remember is her stuffed 
animal, Harvey.

You can go through the tutorial at this time, if you want.

Talk to the grate to speak with the guard. Talk to it 
again. Ask why it is so hot in the room. The guard mentions 
that there is an air conditioner behind the padding. Ask 
him to turn on the AC, and he says he might do it.

Time to butter up the guard, so he'll turn on the AC. Talk 
to the guard about how skillful he is at his job, then call 
him a famous athlete. Say that you're getting dizzy, and 
the guard is impressed that his athletic skills have caused 
Edna to swoon. He turns on the AC.

Take the leg from the chair, which is detachable. Use the 
chair leg with the table to sharpen it. Use the sharp chair 
leg on the padded walls here. The leftmost pad on the back 
wall, third from the top, is the pad with the AC unit 
behind it.

Use the chair leg on this pad a second time to see the AC 
unit. Zoom in on this area. The ventilation shaft here is 
block with a grate. Use Harvey on one of the screws here to 
learn about tempomorphing. Use Harvey on a screw again, and 
Edna and Harvey return to the past, ten years ago, when 
Edna was punished for being mean to the son of the doctor 
who runs the asylum.

Switch to Edna, and take the rake on the wall. Use the rake 
on the window. Switch to Harvey, then go through the 

Follow the stone path to the other side of the house, where 
Edna's father is making friends with the asylum doctor's 
son. Harvey thinks this is suspicious. Examine the 
newspaper here, and move Article 2 (the one on the left) to 
your inventory.

Return to the room with Edna, and use Article 2 on her. The 
article says that the chestnut burglar escaped, using a 
gnawed-off toenail.

Switch to Edna, then go up the stairs. Use her gnawed-off 
toenail on the screws here. Turn the handle, and Edna goes 
to the kitchen. The tempomorph ends, and Edna returns to 
the present.

Examine the ventilation shaft. Use Harvey Skill 1 to get a 
toenail, then use the toenail on the screws here. The shaft 
is now open, but the AC is still on.

Talk to the grate above the door to the room, so Edna can 
speak with the guard. This time, you want to be mean to him 
so he'll turn off the AC. Talk him about minigolf and his 
club, which belonged to his father. Suggest whacking the 
guard with his precious club, and he'll turn off the AC.

Go back to the ventilation shaft. Use the ventilator, and 
Edna pulls it out of the way. She can now go forward, to 
the ventilation shaft.

Crawl left. Enda overhears a conversation in another room. 
Go to the grate to listen more closely. Dr. Marcel is 
upset, because Edna can remember things from ten years ago. 
He mentions that Edna's father is a murderer, and Edna is 
sure that the doctor is hiding something.

Go through the pipe on the left to see that it leads to a 
dead end. If you can get on the roof, you can open the 
grate from the outside.

Crawl back right. Use the toenail on the grate to Dr. 
Marcel's office to open it. Go into the office. Look at the 
items here, if you want. Take the polo mallet from the 
umbrella container, the encyclopedia from the fireplace 
mantle and the pen from the desk.

Open the door that leads out of the room. She runs into 
Hulgor, the doctor's associate. Talk to him about anything 
you want to. When the conversation ends, use the polo 
mallet on Hulgor.

Use the cabinet to open it, then use Hulgor. Edna puts him 
inside the cabinet. Use the cabinet again to shut it, then 
go through the door.

You're in the hallway now. Go through the other door here, 
and use the window to open it. Go out the window to reach 
the room. Go left, then use the antenna to distract a guard 
in the security camera room.

Go left again. Use Harvey Skill 1 to get a toenail, then 
use the toenail on the grate here. Now you have a 
passageway back in the building.

Return to the hallway by going left, inside the window and 
through the door (or by going in the grate, right, through 
the grate and through the door). Here, go down to reach the 
outside of Edna's cell. Try to go down the stairs, and the 
guard sees Edna.

Go right through the door, then exit through the window. 
The guard follows Edna, but he refuses to go onto the roof 
because he's afraid of heights.

Time to double around the building and lock the guard in 
the room he's in. Go right, then go through the open grate. 
Go right again, and go through the grate in Dr. Marcel's 
room. Go through the door to the hallway.

We need to lock the guard in this room. Use the potted 
plant to break it, then use the column. Use the 
encyclopedia from the doctor's office on the column, and 
the door is securely locked shut.

Go down, then downstairs. You can examine the hallways and 
rooms here if you want, but your goal is to go all the way 
down the stairs, then leave through the doors on the left. 
The guards catch Edna and lock her up in an area with all 
the other inmates.

Professor Nock's Ticket

Edna starts off in the recreation room. This area with the 
inmates is pretty big, but thanks to a locked door, there's 
no way to escape. No way except through the laundry lift.

Go through the left door, then through the upper/left door. 
Talk to the ticket inspector here. He refuses to let Edna 
onto the laundry lift, unless she has a ticket. Ask him if 
you can buy a ticket, then ask who has tickets.

Professor Nock has a ticket. Edna needs to get that ticket 
from the Professor.

You might as well meet the Professor now. Return to the rec 
room by going right, then through the double doors. Go 
through the doors on the right, then through the door on 
the right.

The man in this room is the Professor. Talk to him. He 
likes dinosaurs, and he wants to use his lift ticket to get 
dinosaur DNA from a mosquito trapped in amber. We need to 
make a fake bug in amber to fool the Professor.

Ask the doctor if you can change the channel. Tell him the 
dinosaurs become extinct, and he agrees you can change the 
channel. Use the TV to do so, and a show about stock 
exchanging comes on. Talk to the TV. Go through the 
dialogue to learn that you should buy twice, then sell.

Go through the door and talk to the man here. He thinks he 
is using the stock market on his broken phone. Twice, he 
mentions that his wife distracts him from the stock 
exchange, by talking about his son.

Tell the man to buy three times, then distract him by 
talking about his son. He believes that he has lost 
everything in the stock market, and so he gives Edna the 

Go back to the rec room by going through the double doors, 
then go to the pay phone in the far corner. Use the phone 
on the fork, then pick up the coin on the coin chute.

Leave the pay phone area, and go through the double doors 
on the left. Go through the door on the right. The Bee Man 
is here, and if you talk to him, you learn that hot 
beverages cause him to give off a lot of ear wax. Ew.

Go through the door in back here. This is a bar. Peter is 
the only customer here, and he is hogging the bar because 
he's depressed about his age.

Go through the back door to reach the coffee room. Pick up 
the coffee cup on the floor, then use it on the chute on 
the coffee machine. Use the coin on the coin slot to get a 
full cup of coffee.

Take the coffee from the chute, then exit through the door. 
Exit here and give the coffee to Bee Man. He drinks the 
coffee, then fills the cup with earwax. The earwax looks 
like amber, so we can use it to fool the Professor.

Take the pinking shears from the table while you're here.

Go through the exit to the right, then go through the 
lower/left door. Use the light switch here to meet Petra, 
who is trying to have a birthday party for Peter, the 
depressed man at the bar. Take the bean dip from the table 

Exit the bathroom, then go through the door on the right. 
Go through the door here to reach the bar. Give the bean 
dip to Peter, and he leaves to go to the bathroom.

Look at the menu, against the wall. Talk to the barkeeper, 
and ask for a stinky drink, the only thing on the menu. In 
the inventory, use the straw on the stinky drink to drink 
it. This results in Edna getting a fly.

In the inventory, use the fly on the earwax. That looks 
like a bug in amber, right? Time to give it to the 

Leave the bar, then go right and through the double doors 
to reach the rec room. Go through the right double doors 
and into the room. Use the fly in earwax on Professor Nock. 
He gives you a ticket to the lift, in exchange for what he 
thinks is dinosaur DNA.

The ticket is actually a coat hanger. Odd.

Escape the Grated Area

Return to the laundry lift, which is left of the rec room, 
in the upper/left room. Give your ticket to the inspector. 
He says that Ticket #2 is up next, and that belongs to 

Return to the rec room. Aluman is here, waiting by the 
window. He has a coat hanger, just like Edna's. Use Edna's 
coat hanger on Aluman. He swaps coat hangers, so now Edna 
has #2.

Return to the lift and use your coat hanger on the ticket 
inspector. Go into the laundry lift, and Edna meets someone 
who lives inside. He thinks that he is a coat.

He says there are three exits. One is in the basement, one 
is in the first floor, and one is in the second floor. The 
first floor entrance is the one you just went through.

Finish the conversation by saying the next stop is coming 
up soon. Edna winds up in the second floor laundry area. 
Leave this room. You're in a small area, behind bars. Go 
through the left doorway (there are two doors, but you can 
only go through one), to reach another solitary cell.  Look 
at the window to talk to the man here. He is the keymaster, 
and he says there are three things needed to escape the 

1. You must get to the other side of the grate.
2. You must have a master key.
3. You must have a car to drive away.

The first task is the easiest, so let's start with that. 
Leave this room, then go through the double doors in the 
back. It's somewhat hard to reach them, because the lock is 
in the way. Once you get inside, you'll see Hoti and Moti. 
The two of them believe they are Siamese twins.

Use the pinking shears (from Bee Man's room) on Hoti and 
Moti. This destroys the sweater connecting them.

Now you need to waste time, so Hoti and Moti have time to 
leave. Exit this room, then go through the doorway on the 
right which is closer to the double doors. This is the 
laundry room that you've been in before.

Ride the laundry lift, and ask Mr. Frock about the next 
stop. You ride past this stop, which is the basement one. 
Edna can't stop here, because there's nothing to cushion 
her fall.

Ask Mr. Frock for the next exit again, and you end up back 
at the laundry lift station. Leave this room, then go 
through the door in the lower/left. This is the bathroom, 
where Petra and Peter are. Take the chips in front of them.

Now, return to Hoti and Moti's room by leaving this room, 
going through the upper/left door and riding the laundry 
lift to the next stop. Leave this room, then go through the 
double doors.

Hoti and Moti have left, and there's a heavy blanket on 
their bed. Go to the bed and use the chips on it. Now the 
heavy blanket is dirty, and it gets sent to the laundry 
room to be cleaned.

Exit this room, then go to the laundry lift room (on the 
right). Ride the lift to the next stop, which is the 
basement. Edna lands on the blanket.

Leave through the doors on the left, then go up the stairs. 
Walk down the hall. You're now at the main staircase. 
Hooray! Edna can freely move around the entire insane 
asylum again!

The Master Key Imprint

Step two to escaping is getting the master key. This will 
open all the doors in the building, including the exit door 
and the door to the other inmate in solitary confinement.

Getting the key will be difficult. First, Edna needs to 
learn how to forge signatures, so she can get a spoon, 
which she can use to get clay.

Go through the double doors in the back here to reach the 
dining area. Get the ketchup or the mustard here (or both), 
then go through the two double doors in the back to reach 
the kitchen.

Examine the cutlery cupboard, and take the knife and fork. 
Take the small pot on the stove here, and take the 
potholder on the wall as well.

Go through the double doors on the right, then go forward. 
You're at the main staircase. Go all the way up the stairs 
to the top, then go left. Go into Dr. Marcel's office on 
the left.

The top drawer of the dresser (under the diploma) is 
locked. Use the knife on the drawer to open it and get an 
old key. Leave the office, then go down two flights of 
stairs. Use the old key on the left doorway to find a room 
dedicated to Dr. Marcel's son.

There is a display case on the left. Examine the homework 
ledger. It contains an attempt by Edna to forge her 
father's signature. Harvey claims to remember that day 
well, so use Harvey on the homework ledger and telemorph to 
the past.

Edna is in math class. The teacher is nasty, and he likes 
to lock Edna in the closet if she misbehaves.

As Harvey, look out the window. Put some of the things here 
into Harvey's inventory. Then, use them on Edna. Edna will 
talk, and Alfred will get her into trouble with the 

Do this three times, and Edna is sent to the closet. Look 
into the closet. There's a letter in the teacher's coat 
pocket. Use the letter on Edna, and she'll say it's too 
dark to read. Use the hole in the closet on Edna, and 
she'll pass the note to Harvey.

The note says that the Dr. Marcel is paying the teacher to 
purposely fail Edna. And as we know, ten years later, Dr. 
Marcel will have her locked up inside an insane asylum. 
Clearly, he has something against Edna.

Put the teacher into Harvey's inventory, then look into the 
closet again. Use the teacher on Edna to get her back in 
class. Then, use the note from Edna's bag on Edna. She says 
it's a note from her father.

Harvey gives Edna the idea of forging her father's 
handwriting, so they can write a note to the teacher. The 
flashback ends, and Edna gets Harvey Ability 2, forging 

Leave this room, then go all the way downstairs. Leave 
through the double doors on the left to get caught and sent 
to the rec room. Go through the double doors on the left 
here, then go through the door on the right to the room 
with Bee Man. Go through the back door here to reach the 

Edna wants the spoon in the barrel by the bar here, but the 
bartender won't let her take it. Use Harvey Ability 2 on 
the menu here to get the bartender's signature. Use the 
signature on the menu and write in the name of a drink, 
like coffee.

Talk to the bartender and ask for the drink you just wrote 
in the menu. He is surprised to see it in the menu, and 
leaves to get the ingredients. Now that he's gone, take the 
spoon from the barrel.

Leave the bar, then leave Bee Man's room. Go through the 
upper/left door and use the laundry lift twice to reach the 
basement. Tap on the blanket on the ground, otherwise Edna 
won't fall on it.

Leave through the double doors here, then go down the 
stairs and through the door on the left. Climb down the 
ladder here and talk to the hole to meet a man. He is 
digging a hole, with spoons. Use the spoon from the bar on 
the hole. The man gratefully accepts it.

Climb up the ladder and climb back down. The man has dug up 
some dirt. Pick it up. This dirt/clay is exactly what Edna 
needs in order to get the master key to this building.

Go up the ladder and go right. Go up the small stairs here, 
then up the stairs on the back. Go down the hallway to the 
main staircase, and go up three floors. This floor has the 
surveillance room. Enter this room.

If you haven't done so, you need to go to the roof and use 
the antenna. If you don't do this, the guard here spends 
his time looking at the TV, instead of the surveillance 

Examine the water cooler. Someone drank all the water. Talk 
to the guard to learn that he did it. He needs to go to the 
bathroom, but he doesn't want to leave his post.

Look at the surveillance monitors three times in a row. The 
layout of the monitors sort of resembles letters. If you 
turn off some monitors and turn others on, the monitors 
will look like "WC", which are the letters on the bathroom 
door on this floor. Seeing the monitors resemble "WC" will 
cause the guard to go to the bathroom.

So...this means Edna needs to visit all the rooms in this 
game, and turn the lights on or off, as necessary. The only 
two rooms whose lights should be off are the laundry lift 
room on the second floor and the TV room by the rec room. 
Every other room should have their lights turned on.

So, have fun going through all the rooms in this game and 
turning on and off light switches as necessary. You can 
kind of see which rooms you're looking for on the monitors, 
although that's not much help.

Once you solve the puzzle, the guard goes to the WC 
bathroom. Return to the third floor and enter that 
bathroom. Use the sink here to turn the water on. Use the 
clay/dirt from the basement on the sink to get it wet, then 
use the clay/dirt on the master key.

King Adrian's Challenge

Edna now has an imprint of the master key. She can use this 
to make a copy of the key, but she needs metal. The only 
way she can get metal is by winning gold from King Adrian, 
in the rec room.

Leave the bathroom, then go into the room on the right. 
It's a break room. Use the cabinet door, then take the box 
of cornflakes. Use the box of cornflakes to get a police 

Leave this room, then go right. Go all the way downstairs, 
and go through the double doors on the left to get sent to 
the rec room. Use the police badge on Drogglejug, the 
purple-haired man here. He lets her in the fort here, to 
meet the king.

He challenges Edna to a contest, for a gold medal. The 
challenge is to accurately predict a coin toss. Lose twice, 
then ask why you always lose. King Adrian explains that he 
was hit by lightning, which is why he always wins the game.

Leave the tent, then talk to the man by the window. Talk to 
him about the king inside the cushions, and ask how to beat 
the king. The king's powers come from a lightning strike, 
so Edna must duplicate the effects of a lightning strike, 
using the chair from the electroshock room.

However, this man needs a better coat hanger in order to 
use the laundry lift system. The only two coat hangers 
currently in use are #1 and #2, belonging to Mr. Frock and 

Go to the laundry lift, by going through the double doors 
on the left and into the upper/left door. Use the ketchup 
or mustard (from the kitchen on the ground floor) on Mr. 
Frock to mess him up.

Edna stops at the next exit. Immediately get back on the 
lift. Mr. Frock is gone. Stop at the basement laundry room. 
Mr. Frock has put his clothes in the washing machine here. 
Take his coat hanger, then climb up the ladder here. Use 
the coat hanger with the laundry lift system.

Leave this room, then go through the double doors to reach 
the rec room. Use coat hanger #1 on the man by the window. 
He promises to meet Edna in the shock therapy room. Use the 
laundry lift to reach the basement again, and from there, 
go to the second floor. The electroshock room is on the 
right. Edna gets shocked, which means she can now beat King 

Go back to the rec room, then go into the tent. This time, 
you'll win every round of the king's game. Unfortunately, 
whenever it's the king's turn, he wins, too. So every round 
is a 1-1 tie. It looks like Edna needs to find a way to 
make the king lose, and the only way to do that is to cure 
him through effective therapy.

This is a two-part challenge. First, we need to find King 
Adrian's records, then we need to get into the therapy 
group on the main level. We can then use Adrian's records 
there to learn what cures him.

Take the laundry lift to the basement, then exit the room. 
The files room is through the green door on the right here. 
Go into the room, and take the group therapy form from on 
top of the file cabinet.

Use the file cabinet to open it, and look at the files. 
They tell Edna where she can find information on the 
various inmates here. Select King Adrian to learn that he 
has a red cat for a pet, and he always came in second 
during P.E. class.

You also have to read Drogglejug's file, because he had a 
green dog.

Leave this room and go all the way upstairs. Go left twice, 
into Dr. Marcel's office. Use Harvey Ability 2 on the 
diploma to get Dr. Marcel's signature, then use his 
signature with the form for group therapy.

Go all the way downstairs, back to the first floor. Go 
through the double doors in the back, then through the 
double doors on the left. The door here leads to the group 
therapy room.

Go inside and tell the woman you have a signed registration 
form. She lets Edna join the group. Tell the group that you 
are Adrian, and that you were always picked second during 
gym class.

The lady asks what color your pet would be, if it was a 
dog. Adrian had a red cat, but red is not the right answer. 
Instead, choose green. Note that if you haven't read 
Drogglejug's form, the option "green" doesn't appear.

Once you answer all three questions correctly, the woman 
explains how to cure King Adrian, whose encounter with the 
lightning strike caused him to want to control everything, 
even the outcome of a coin toss.

Return to the rec room. Ask Adrian about his place in PE 
class, then tell him that his dog was red. Adrian is cured 
of his control psychosis! Play the game with him again, and 
this time, Edna wins. Edna becomes the king, and she gets 
the golden medal!

Key Making

Take the laundry lift to the basement. Leave this room, 
then go through the door on the left to reach the furnace. 
Use the potholder from the kitchen on the furnace grate to 
open it.

Use the key imprint on the furnace, then use the potholder 
to take it out of the furnace. Edna now has a key mold.

Use the gold medal from King Adrian on the pot from the 
kitchen. Then, use the pot on the furnace. The gold medal 
melts. Use the potholder on the pot to pick it up, then use 
the pot of gold on the key mold. Now Edna has a hot, golden 

Leave this room. You need to go to a bathroom; the closest 
one is probably the WC bathroom on the fourth floor. Turn 
on a sink to make the water run, then use the mold on the 
water to cool it down. Use the cooled mold to get the gold 
master key. You can now use this key on the locks on the 
second and third floors, to make it much easier to move 

Get a Vehicle

The final step in the Key Master's plan to escaping the 
asylum is to get a vehicle. In fact, if you free him from 
his solitary confinement cell, he refuses to leave until 
you find a vehicle.

Go down to the first floor, then leave through the right 
exit. That leads to the hallway between the kitchen and a 
locked door. Use the master key on the lock, then go 
through the doors. They lead outside. Free at last! Kind 
of. There are still high walls around the entire facility.

Doctor Marcel returns to the insane asylum, and he is 
confident that Edna cannot escape. He has the laundry lift 
system turned off, and he posts guards are various 

Go to the van in the garage. This will make a good escape 
vehicle, but it's missing a tire. Also, the engine is 
busted, and the door is locked. Huh.

Use the coat hanger on the window to open the door. Then, 
take the jumper cables and the wrench. Leave this area, 
then go to Dr. Marcel's fancy car. Use the wrench on the 
spare tire to take it.

Go back inside the asylum. The guard on the first floor is 
by the stairs, and he's the chauffeur for Dr. Marcel's car.

Getting rid of the chauffeur will not be too difficult. 
Return to Dr. Marcel's fancy car. Use the car, or use a 
sharp item on the car, and the alarm goes off. The 
chauffeur comes outside to check on the car. So what you 
have to do is set off the car alarm, then quickly go back 
inside and go up the stairs.

Go up two floors, then enter the Key Master's room on the 
left side of the hall. If you haven't done so already, use 
the master key on the grate here, and use the master key on 
the Key Master's room. Tell him about the van in the 
garage. He says that he will meet Edna there. That's your 
cue to go back outside, to where the van is.

You may have to distract the chauffeur again, to get 
outside. If so, go to the floor with the surveillance room. 
Go left, then enter the break room. Open the window. Use 
the bubble gum dispenser here, and Edna chews gum. She 
spits it out the window, onto Dr. Marcel's car. The alarm 
goes off, and the chauffeur goes to check it.

The Key Master is in the van. He says that the engine is 
busted, in addition to the rear tire. Use the spare tire on 
the Key Master, and he says that you need a car jack to put 
it on.

Go back inside the building, and go to the kitchen. Use the 
trolley to sneak into the food room. Edna is under a table, 
containing many people she has met. The only person she can 
talk to is Hoti and Moti.

Hoti and Moti agree to leave, if she has an escape plan. 
Since Edna has confirmed the plan with the Key Master, 
inside the escape van, she can tell Hoti and Moti that the 
plan is almost ready to go. All they need is a car jack.

Hoti and Moti agree to leave, provided that Edna can create 
a distraction, so no one notices their disappearance. They 
also tell her that someone has played around with the food 
orders for today.

Go back into the trolley. The food orders are on the 
bulletin board on the left. Switch them around, so Bee Man 
has a potato and Professor Nock has chicken.

Use the trolley to go back into the dining hall. Use a fork 
or a knife on Bee Man's bare foot. His potato goes flying 
into King Adrian, provided that Professor Nock is bent 
over, eating chicken.

Adrian starts a food fight. In the ensuing chaos, Hoti and 
Moti leave. Return to the van and give them the spare tire 
to fix the tire problem. Now all we need is an electrical 
expert to fix the engine.

Use Dr. Marcel's car to distract the chauffeur again, then 
go up one floor. Aluman is inside the TV room. Ask him for 
help, because he is an electrical expert. He agrees to 
help, and he leaves.

Look at the TV here, to see Aluman's fingerprints.

Go back outside to the car. If necessary, distract the 
chauffeur by spitting gum out the window of the break room 
on the floor with the surveillance room and the WC 

Talk to the people in the garage to learn that Aluman went 
to the garden. Leave the garage and go down. Talk to Aluman 
about the car. He says he needs to be charged with energy 
from the Zen garden.

Go to the tree on the right, then take the rake. Go back, 
and examine the garden. You want to arrange the stones 
here, so they match Aluman's fingerprints on the TV.

One stone is in the lower/left corner. Another stone is two 
above and one right of it. Another stone is two above and 
one right of it.

Stone four is one right and one down from stone three. 
Stone five two below and one right of stone four. Tap the 
rake the use it on the garden, and ask him about the 
pattern you raked. He is thrilled, and he is filled with 

Go left and to the van in the garage. Give the jumper cable 
to Aluman, and he starts the car battery.

Edna has one final task: open the main gate. This isn't too 
difficult. Go back to the Zen Garden, then walk to the main 
gate. Go through the watchtower door, which has a sign on 
it. Go up the stairs, then open the locker.

Go upstairs, and a guard hears Edna. Go down the stairs, 
then hide in the locker. The guard walks past Edna, and he 
leaves the building. Go upstairs to where the guard was. 
Use the green button to open the gate, then use the pinking 
shears on the cable which controls the gate button. That 
way, the guard can't close the gate.

The guards appear, and they throw Edna away. Then, Edna and 
her friends make a daring escape from the insane asylum. 
Even though Edna spent a lot of time fixing the old van, 
they use Dr. Marcel's car. They don't get very far, because 
Key Master crashes the car into a lake.

The Church

Edna is at the site of the car crash, and she wants to get 
to the church, which is to the right. Use the car trunk to 
open the trunk, then pick up the towing rope. Go up the 
slope here, and head right.

The police roadblock is here, as well as the man from the 
surveillance room. He is on the bridge which leads to the 
church. Climb inside his car, then move towards the 
controls. Tap the parking brake (the lever in the middle of 
the car). Then, tap the clutch, which is the leftmost 
pedal. Now, use the stick-shift in the middle of the car, 
and Edna puts the car in neutral.

The van then rolls away, and the security guard chases 
after it. Now that the bridge is free, use the towing rope 
from the car trunk on the bridge.

Go back left and down to the site of the car crash. Here, 
go right and use the rope to swing over the bridge. Edna 
makes it to the gate of the church, but she can't open it 
because it's rusted shut.

Go back to the car crash. Go inside the car and talk to 
Hoti and Moti. They are doing a card game. The challenge is 
to find the Ace of Hearts three times in a row.

Play the game. When you pick a card, watch the eyes of the 
Hoti on the right. If you picked the correct card, his eyes 
go crazy. If you pick a wrong card, his eyes are normal. 
Use this to figure out where the correct card is, three 
times in a row.

Edna gets shocked by the car.

Leave the car, then go up the hill. Here, go up the pathway 
to another hill. Aluman is here, waiting to get struck by 
lightning. Use Aluman to shock him, with the same shock 
Edna got for winning the card game. Aluman is happy, and he 
will let Edna take the bottle of rust remover.

Return to the church gate and use the rust remover on it. 
Edna can now go inside. Go left past the graves, then go 
inside the doors of the church.

Go into the door on the right and talk to the reverend. He 
remembers Edna and her father. The father was given the 
death penalty for killing a young boy, even though he was 

Before the reverend can say too much, he is interrupted by 
the sound of the organ. He goes to investigate.

Go out of the room, then to the back of the church. Climb 
up the ladder here to the organ, then climb up the ladder 
once more. The Key Master has murdered the reverend, by 
hanging him from the bell rope. The Key Master has also 
locked himself and Edna in the church, and he won't give 
her the key to the doors.

Edna must get rid of the Key Master, by making a musical 
distraction. Go back to the reverend's room. Look at his 
music book, then take his headphones and his amp. Use the 
amp, and Edna plugs it into the pulpit of the main church. 
Use the amp again to turn it on. The red light indicates 
that it's working.

Go to the area with the organ. Flip the red switch to turn 
the organ on. Press one of the notes that was written in 
the reverend's book (E, G, A, B or D). Edna learns that the 
organ is connected to the guitar and amp by the pulpit.

The Key Master doesn't like that noise, and he'd gladly 
block it out with headphones, if he had a pair.

Use the tape recorder which is right of the organ. It plays 
music. Use the headphones on the tape recorder to plug them 
in, then pick up the headphones.

Open the hatch which is to the left of the organ, and use 
the headphones on the hatch. Edna puts them inside. Now, 
use the organ and press the B key (that one right of a 
group of three black keys). This shoots the headphones up 
through the pipes, to the Key Master.

Now the Key Master has headphones, and he'll put them on if 
Edna makes a racket. Play the song which was listed in the 
book in the reverend's room. The notes are E, G, A, B and 
D. If you don't know how to play piano, draw a little 
diagram, using the book in the reverend's room.

Once you play the song, go up the ladder. As expected, the 
Key Master is listening to the headphones, to block out the 
sound of Edna. Go up the ladder here.

Use the polo mallet on the church bell to ring it. Edna 
can't use the bell rope, because the reverend's corpse is 
hanging from it. A scream is heard.

Go back to the main floor of the church. The Key Master is 
dead. Ringing the bell caused the reverend's body to smash 
into the Key Master, knocking him out of the choir loft. If 
the Key Master isn't listening to the headphones, though, 
he doesn't let Edna use the bell.

Edna wonders if she killed the Key Master on purpose, 
before deciding to leave as quickly as possible.

Home Sweet Home

Use the door to learn that it's locked. The key is inside a 
lawn gnome. Use the polo mallet on all the lawn gnomes; the 
key is inside the gone you break last, which is the one on 
the pillar.

Pick up the gnome shards on the pillar, then use the key on 
the door. Oh no! It breaks in the lock!

Go around the side of the house. In Edna's first flashback, 
her father and Dr. Marcel's son were sitting in this area. 
You can go forward from here, to reach a shed.

Go into the shed. Pick up the pliers and the shovel. Leave 
the shed, then return to the front door. Use the pliers on 
the keyhole to retrieve the broken house key.

Go right twice, to the back entrance of the house. Use the 
shovel on the thistles, by the basement window. Use the 
mallet on the window to open it. Edna can now crawl inside.

Go to the basement, then climb up the stairs. Exit the 
kitchen to the main hallway, then go up the stairs here. Go 
into the room on the left, where Edna's father worked. Take 
the lighter from the table, then leave.

Go to the second-from-left room on this floor, which is a 
bathroom. Use the gnome shards here to get damp clay, then 
use the key shards on the clay to get the clay imprint. 
Exit the bathroom.

The room on the right here is the old classroom, and if you 
go up the stairs, you'll find Edna's room. The door is 
locked, so Edna has to make a key. 

Go down to the basement. This is another key forging 
puzzle. Open the furnace, then use the lighter on it to 
start a fire.

Use the master key on the pot, then put the pot in the 
furnace. Use the potholders to take it out. Edna now has 
liquid gold.

Use the clay imprint on the furnace, then use the 
potholders on the imprint to get a key mold. Use the pot of 
gold on the key mold, and Edna gets a golden key.

Go upstairs to the bathroom and use the key mold on the 
bathtub to cool it down. Edna now has the key. Leave the 
bathroom and go to the area on the right, which is Edna's 
room. Use the key on the door to enter.

Edna wants to find her old diary, and Harvey tempomorphs 
her to the past.

The End

Edna is being grounded for playing a trick on Alfred. Her 
punishment is to be locked in her room for the day. Look at 
her diary on the table to learn that today is August 3, the 
day of the murder.

As Harvey, go out the window, where there is a woodpecker. 
Add the woodpecker to Harvey's inventory. Go back inside, 
then use the woodpecker on Edna. Edna realizes she can 
knock on the door to bring Alfred into the room.

Open the closet door, then use the door to the room to 
knock on it. Use the closet to hide inside it. Alfred comes 
in, and he doesn't see Edna anywhere. She escapes when his 
back is turned, and she locks him inside the door.

The game switches to Harvey, who has to go outside to the 
porch. Do this by going to the kitchen, then the basement, 
then through the basement window to outside, then around 
the house. Along the way, Harvey has scary visions of 
Edna's father.

If you can, save your game here.

Once Harvey goes to where Edna's father is, there is a 
cutscene. It ends with Edna seeing the murder of Dr. 
Marcel's son, firsthand.

The game switches back to the modern day. Dr. Marcel comes 
up the stairs, and he speaks with her. Edna now has a 
choice to make. Does she give up Harvey and return to the 
insane asylum, or does she follow Harvey's advice and try 
to escape?

There are two endings, one for each choice. If you saved 
your game, you can watch one ending, then reload your save 
file and watch the other.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
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