Keri Racing is an incredible new Social Networking Game that merges tycoon game play, real-time PvP racing, and RPG-inspired pet raising which is sure to keep you entertained.You’re a lone cowboy who happens to stumbles upon an adorable creature called a Keri. After saving the Keri from almost certain death, you nurture the Keri back to health and now the Keri is ready to beat ‘em all and become the new Keri Racing Champion! NOTE: Keri Racing requires an internet connection-----------------------------------------------------------------Gameplay? Build businesses and grow crops to earn gold and food ? Customize Keri with equipment to increase racing stats ? Race against friends in real time over 3G, 4G, or WiFi.? Slash away bugs from your Keri to raise happiness? Feed and train your Keri to keep him healthy-----------------------------------------------------------------Features? Over 39 buildings and 12 crops to keep your farm beautiful? Use gold to buy over 55 types of equipment for your Keri? Race with your friends in a 2 vs. 2 Couple Cup or play free-for-all? Just starting out? Then race against 5 Wanted Keris.? Complete over 120 quests********************Publisher : NEOWIZ Internet http://www.neowizinternet.comCONTACT NEOWIZ 2012 NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp. All Rights Reserved. ********************

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