Murder Room & Another Story Complete Walkthrough
By: A Happy iPhone 4S User :)

Written: Nov. 18-19, 2012
Version: 1, but basically final

Guide formatted specifically for posting on GameFAQs.
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This is a rather indepth walkthrough meant to help everybody complete the game.
There will be spoilers. This walkthrough covers the main game (both the True
and Bad Ends), as well as the Another Room side-story, necessary for 100%
completion. It also covers the mysteries of the game itself, to give you a
more enriched experience. I highly recommend you do them.

In Murder Room, contrary to Ellie (an Escape the Room game developed previously
by Ateam), this game was designed with the intention for you to complete the
game with the Bad End first before you return later to do the True End (Good
End). That is to say, the game was designed for you to have many
trial-and-errors, not for you to just rush through and complete it, and then
remove the App. You should experience the game in its entirety, basically.

Before I begin, I must note that you are required to complete Another Room in
order to achieve 100% completion. For iOS users (not Android), it currently
costs $1.99 at the date this was written. If you do not purchase Another Room,
you can only achieve 70% completion.

To purchase Another Room, you must complete the game at least once, and then
select the Another Room option on the main menu. Tap Buy, and you will be
redirected to the App Store to complete your purchase. After the purchase is
complete, return to Murder Room, press Another Room, and tap Restore to import
the purchase to your game.



The main game is separated into Chapters, spanning from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4.
I reset my game when writing this, in order to explain to you everything in the
game again.

For those who are wondering, sound is not a requirement. There are no
sound-specific puzzles or codes you need to take note of. If you are easily
scared by dark music, you can opt to disable the sound in the options menu.

For those who are interested, many hints inside the game are actually different
if you decide to change the language to Japanese, since the game was originally
developed in Japanese for the Japanese audience. This guide is written for the
English variation of the game, of course.


Walkthrough - Bad End


Like I mentioned before, we will begin with the Bad End, as Ateam originally
intended for us to do. Of course, I won't bother deliberately rushing to my
demise past the first time, since it would basically just be a game over.
You're free to do so, if you want.
At the end of each section is a Short Walkthrough, if you just want the steps
to quickly beat the game. I don't recommend it, but it's up to you. I'm not
sure whether you end up with the same percentage completed as doing it indepth
like my full walkthrough, but if you finish both endings, you should have 70%.

+++++ Chapter 1 +++++
Start the main game. You will be placed in a room. If you have sound on, you
should hear the sound of a chainsaw whirring. Tap somewhere, and you'll get a
description of what you tapped, as well as the first tutorial tip, explaining
that you can tap to interact and slide left or right to turn.

There are three objects in this corner of the room. The sofa, the closet, and
the small refridgerator. Turn to your left. There are a few things here. Feel
free to examine them, but they won't do anything for now. Turn left again. You
will see a man with a mask, holding onto a chainsaw.

!!! If you tap the man now, you will die, but, you will gain some insight for
yourself (not necessary for completion). If you don't want to die now, don't
tap on the man, and turn to the left.

(Assuming you did approach closer, the man will turn off the chainsaw, reach
into the stomach of the person, pop up a tutorial tip explaining that you can
tap the Back button or slide back to go back out, and then he'll kill you.)
After turning to the left (or the right from the start of the game). You will
see a few things. No matter what you try to select, nothing will happen. Turn
back right again, to look at the man. Your character will realize that he needs
to escape. Turn left.

Item 1: Pick up the knife. You will get a tutorial tip explaining you can go
into your Item screen to select items, and then use them by tapping on some
object. Start by going into your Item screen, selecting the knife, and then
tapping on the knife's icon on the bottom. Tap again on the knife to get a
description of it.
Your character will mention that a message is carved on the blade. Jack is
written in red, while King is written in blue. Leave the screen. If you try
to escape through the window, you won't be able to since you're on the third
floor, and yelling for help would endanger you.

For now, just turn to the left. Tap on the closet, and you will see a
combination lock. The two numbers on the left are bordered with red, while the
two on the right are bordered with blue. These stand for Jack and King,
The combination is simple. Jack is 11 (one value over Ten), and King is 13.
1113 is the code. Enter it, and open the closet. Examine the doll you see, and
your character will say that it could be potentially useful. Examine the doll
again to pick it up.
Turn to the right, and try to throw it out the window. Your character will say
that it could distract the murderer, but you'd need some place to hide. Making
sure you have your knife out (because there's a bug here where if you only have
your hand out, you can't hide sometimes), throw the doll out of the window, and
hide under the table right in front of you. Don't tap on top, tap underneath.
You'll see the murderer's legs, and shortly, he'll leave outside. At this
point, the only extra thing you can do now is read the newspaper clipping on
top of the oven. Apparently, there are nine victims of the murderer named "The
Butcher", and one of the victims were identified as a young teenager. You will
get a flashback, explaining how one moment, you were in a car, and the next,
in this room.

At this point, turn right to the person on the operating table. Close in on
her, and tap above her head with the knife to free her. You and the girl talk
a bit, explaining the situation with the murderer, and then Chapter 2 begins.

Short Walkthrough
1. Turn left or right twice to face the murderer. Don't examine him.
2. Turn left or right, and then back to face the murderer again.
3. Turn left, and pick up the Knife. Examine it. Jack is Red, King is Blue.
4. Turn left, examine the closet, and enter the numerical values for Jack and
     King. Jack is 11, King is 13. Code is 1113.
5. Open the closet, examine the doll, then examine it again to pick it up.
6. Turn right, examine the window. Have the knife out, and examine the window
     again to throw out the doll.
7. Quickly select the bottom of the table right in front of you to hide.
8. Turn right. Examine the girl. Use the knife above her head to cut the rope.
     End Chapter 1.

+++++ Chapter 2 +++++
Item 2: The young girl will explain that the murderer is returning. Quickly
turn to the left, and you'll notice the rope that was used to tie Melanie. Pick
it up. Turn right again, and with the rope selected, select the door to tie it
to the shelf. The rope appears to have worked, preventing the murderer from
entering. The girl then explains that her name is Melanie. If you talk to
Melanie, she says that she has this nostalgic feeling she's been here before.

Item 3: Turn to the right. Equip your knife, and tap on the sofa. You'll see a
small slip of paper peeking out. Pick it up. It has a map drawn on it. If you
examine the map closely, you'll notice the design of the apartment, as well as
a compass designation on the bottom-right. This varies from game to game, and
is important if you want to obtain the True End later on, but is not a dire
necessity. Still, since we're looking for completeness, we'll do this part of
the game. The arrow in the bottom-right designates where North is. If you
examine the map, you can make out the various objects in the room. The X marks
where you found the map in the first place, which was inside the sofa.
If you can't quite understand the map, the top-left of the map is where the
window and table was, the top-right is where the operating table was, the
bottom-right is the door, and the bottom-left is where the doll was, and where
you should be facing now.

Item 4: Turn to the right. With the knife equipped, click on the tablecloth.
You'll make yourself a rope with it. Open up the oven, and examine it. Melanie
will ask if you want her to check inside. This is necessary if you want to get
the True End later on, so I recommend you do it. But before you tell her to
look inside, look on the top of the oven again.
Aside from the clipping, you will notice "SEE NEWS" written, as well as four
arrows. The hint is actually meant to be misleading; you are unable to read the
clipping again. Actually, SEENEWS stands for the four compass directions.
South, East, East, North, East, West, South. Remember the compass on the map?
Take note of where the arrow pointed, and where the oven is. If the arrow
pointed to the right of the apartment, that means that North is actually the
arrow pointing down, towards you. Don't get this mistaken, thinking that the
top arrow is North (unless it really is).
Item 5: Go back, and now have Melanie go inside. Suddenly, the oven door
closes, and it turns on. You have a short moment to go back to the top of the
oven, enter the code, return, and then open the door. (If you're too slow,
Melanie dies from the heat, giving you a game over, and dialogue explaining how
you're sorry about not being able to save Melanie.) After letting Melanie back
out, she returns with a slab of meat.

With the meat in hand, put it back into the oven to cook it. You will notice
Roman numerals on your piece of overcooked meat. The values vary from
game-to-game, but it there are four values. Write these values down; you'll
need them for the True End. For now, you're done with the meat.
(If you don't understand Roman numerals, I is 1, II is 2, III is 3, IV is 4,
V is 5, VI is 6, VII is 7, VIII is 8, and IX is 9.)

Equip the cloth rope you made from before. Select the window to have it setup.
Melanie will express her concern about the escape, as well as the longing of
her brother. With the knife equipped, select the window to escape.

Suddenly, you will notice the pig man climbing up. Be ready; as soon as he
climbs up, use the knife on the rope to cut it. The pig man will fall down.
looking out the window, you will see him on the ground, seemingly dead. If you
try to shut the window on him, you will notice that it is stuck, and can't
move. This is useful knowledge for the True End, later on.
There is a key on the ground near the window, but you can't pick it up yet. So
for now, turn to the door and try to exit. Melanie will stop you, explaining
that the pig man disappeared, and that it's not safe yet. If you talk to
Melanie, she'll explain a memory of how her brother explains that everybody
should confront their dangers. If you look outside, your character will
believe that the man may be on his way back up.
Item 6: Pick up the key on the ground now. The murderer likely dropped it.
Turn left. Go to the small refridgerator, and use the key on the small keyhole
to the left, which was previously locked. After the refridgerator opens up,
select the object in the back.

Item 7: You'll pick up a gas canister, with gasoline inside. Chapter 3 begins.

Short Walkthrough
1. Turn left, and pick up the Rope on the operating table.
2. Turn right, and quickly use the rope to secure the door.
3. Turn right. Use the knife on the sofa to find the map.
4. Turn right. Use the knife on the tablecloth to make a Cloth Rope.
5. Look on top on the oven. SEE NEWS stands for compass directions. South,
     East, East, North, East, West, South. Examine your map. Take note of
     where the compass on the map points. The arrow points North.
     Use it as your guide for knowing which arrow on the oven points North.
5. Go back and have Melanie enter the oven. After she is locked inside, enter
     the compass directions on the arrows above the oven to save her.
     You will get a slab of Meat.
6. Place the meat back into the oven. You will get a unique Roman numeral
     combination for use in attaining the True End.
7. Use the cloth rope on the window to set it up.
8. Equip the knife and escape through the window. The pig man will climb up.
9. Cut the rope with the knife to cause him to fall.
10. Try to exit through the door. Melanie will stop you.
11. Pick up the Key on the ground beside the window.
12. Turn left, and open the refridgerator with the key.
13. Pick up the Gas Canister in the corner.
     End Chapter 2.

+++++ Chapter 3 +++++

After Melanie discovers her brother is dead, she takes the watch off his wrist.
Melanie then talks about wanting to avenge her brother's death, by killing the
murderer, the pig man. She wants to act as a decoy, stalling the man while you
attempt to attack him.
At this point, you will need to find a place to hide. The are two places.
Inside the closet, or under the sofa. If you enter the closet or go under the
sofa, your character thinks it could be a potential hiding spot. If you've
settled on a location, just turn right and talk to Melanie. The murderer will
break into the room.

However, before you settle on a location, you should know that both lead to
your death. The murderer will break in, Melanie will distract him, and when you
attempt to leave your hiding spot to attack him, the pig man will kill you.
Thus, you need to find another method to approach this first.
Go under the sofa. If you examine the ground underneath the sofa, you will
notice that the floorboard's been moved. Equip the knife, and use it on the
floorboard to remove it. You will find a fusebox.

On the fusebox, you will find another combination lock, as well as a hint on
the top saying "NES3F1T2O". The letters stand for the first letter of the
numbers 9, 8, 7, 6, all the way to 1. The numbers specify which of the three
locks they are for. The first number is between the F and T, which is 5 and 3,
so it's 4. The second is between the T and O, which is 3 and 1, so it's 2. And
finally, the last number is between the S and F, which is 7 and 5, so it's 6.
Therefore, 426 is the combination. Enter it in now.

The fusebox will open, revealing a switch. Use it. The room blacks out. It
turns out that it's the breaker switch to the room. This is essential for
killing the murderer. Go back to Melanie, and talk to her to show that you're
ready. She will hear the murderer breaking in, and tells you to hide quickly.
Quick turn right and hide under the sofa. The murderer will get in. She will
attempt to stall the murderer, threatening to jump out of the window. Don't
exit. Instead, open up the fusebox again, and flip the switch.

The murderer will have his lighter open, directed towards a message on the
wall. With the knife out, select the murderer twice to attack him.

Item 8: After the murderer collapses, pick up his lighter. Select the message
on the wall. Melanie calls for you, and you promptly turn on the lights again.
The murderer attempts to call for Melanie, and she goes to him, trying to hear
what he is saying.

At this point, you can either just escape, or attack the murderer some more.
If you attempt to escape from the door, the murderer gets up and kills you.
So kill him now by using the knife on him twice.
Melanie will be in shock. Try and exit via the door. An iron barrier will close
down on it, and a barrier will shut the window as well. Melanie will suddenly
surprise you, wearing the mask and pressing something on her watch. She then
attempts to kill you. You ask her why, but she says you already know. Poison
gas enters the room, and she escapes into the other room. Chapter 4 begins.

Short Walkthrough
1. Examine the underside of the sofa to get underneath it.
2. Use the knife on the floorboard below you to find the fusebox.
3. The fusebox has "NES3F1T2O" on it. Each letter stands for the first letter
     of the numbers 9, 8, 7, 6, all the way to 1. The numbers signify which
     numbers you need for the lock. The first number is 4, the second is 2, and
     the third is 6. Code 426.
4. Use the breaker switch once, and return to Melanie.
5. After the murderer begins to enter, quickly hide underneath the sofa.
6. When the murderer is inside, do not leave the sofa. Use the fusebox and
     breaker switch to turn off the lights.
7. Attack the murderer by using the knife on him twice.
8. Pick up the Lighter and examine the message on the wall.
9. Kill the murderer by using the knife on him twice.
10. Try to exit through the door.
     End Chapter 3.

+++++ Chapter 4 +++++

Your character explains that he only has a few minutes to live. Attempt to go
into the bathroom, and it turns out that there's a lot of gas inside, forcing
you back out. Go into your items, and use the gasoline on the door of the room
Melanie is in.

Next, use the lighter on the gasoline to light the bathroom on fire. Your
character will rip off her mask, putting it on yourself. Apparently, the mask
is also a gas mask, letting you breathe the fumes. Examine Melanie again, and
you will take her watch, pressing the button and turning off the fumes.
Item 9: At this point, go back to the bathroom, and enter it. You will find the
chainsaw. Attempt to exit the room by using the chainsaw. It won't work. There
is a keyhole, but you don't have it. Examine the text on the door.

Your character will wonder if it's inside the murderer's stomach. At this
point, examine the man to place him on the operating table. Using the knife on
him won't work, so use the chainsaw on him. Turns out, there's nothing inside.

You will change your mind and end up killing Melanie with the chainsaw.

Bad End completed.

Short Walkthrough

1. Try to enter the bathroom to find Melanie.
2. Use the gasoline on the bathroom door.
3. Use the lighter on the gasoline to set the bathroom on fire.
4. Examine Melanie to turn off the gas.
5. Turn left or right twice and enter the bathroom to find the Chainsaw.
6. Turn right and read the message on the barricaded door.
7. Examine the man to place him on the operating table.
8. Use the chainsaw on the man.
     Bad End completed.


Walkthrough - True End

If you're reading this walkthrough for the True End guide, it may interest you
to attempt to get it yourself first, without reading my guide. It's best if you
didn't ruin your experience by just reading a walkthrough. I will give you some
hints now as to how you could approach the game to get the True End. If you
really can't solve it, you're free to read my walkthrough.

Hints for the True End:
1. There is only one part in the game that can accept the four-digit code from
     the meat. Start here, as you need it for the True End.
2. You absolutely must not cut the rope. Think carefully about what you could
     do first before you confront the murderer at the window.
3. You must not use the knife on the murderer at all, except in Chapter 4.
Only three hints. Not much of a spoiler if you're just trying to get the
True End as three hints are really all that you need. The rest of the game
is straight-forward, if you can follow these hints.

Oh, and you can't just do one part and skip to another Chapter. There are
requirements you have to fulfill in each Chapter to get the True End.
Just play it all in one go.

+++++ Chapter 1 +++++
Now, if you have followed my instructions, you should've gotten 48% of the
story completed. At this point, we can begin the True End. One thing about this
game is that when you replay a game from a specific Chapter, you retain the
items you had from the previous Chapter's save. However, since we could only
get the meat in Chapter 2, we need to return to Chapter 1, since that's the
only location where we can use the combination from the meat.
Do not reset your save data.
Restart Chapter 1 from Chapter Select. Once again, turn left or right twice to
see the murderer, and then turn left or right and then back again to see him
again for the game to progress.

Items 10 & 11: Pick up the knife from before. Turn left and go to the closet.
Enter in the digits from the meat you cooked in the first playthrough. The
closet will move, and you will find a suitcase and a spray can. If you try to
open the closet, you'll find out that you cannot enter in another code. The
doll cannot be accessed for now.
First, examine the suitcase's contents. You'll find out that it is filled with
a ton of cash. Turn right, and use the suitcase a few times on the window to
throw it out, as a way to distract the murderer instead of using the doll. Hide
under the table like before (remember, if it bugs and you can't hide, have your
knife out and try again).

When the murderer leaves, free Melanie again with the knife to begin Chapter 2.

Short Walkthrough
0. Keep note of the Roman numeral code that was on the Meat from before.
1. Restart from Chapter 1 via Chapter Select. Repeat the same process as before
     to pick up the Knife.
2. Open the closet but use the Roman numeral code instead to get a Suitcase and
     a Spray Can.
3. Examine the Suitcase to find out that it contains cash.
4. Turn right, and throw the suitcase out of the window.
5. Hide under the table again.
6. Free Melanie with the knife.
     End Chapter 1.

+++++ Chapter 2 +++++

Once again, pick up the rope on the operating table and tie it to the door to
secure it. Turn left or right twice and use the knife on the tablecloth to
prepare the cloth rope again.
Remember in the previous playthrough, how we could not shut the window on the
murderer to cause him to fall? Equip the spray can. If you examine it, it turns
out that it's actually rust remover. Use it on the window frame to loosen it
(don't tap outside, tap the window itself).

Tie the rope to the kitchen tap and set it up like before. This time, when you
attempt to exit through the window, don't use the knife to cut the rope.
Instead, have your hands equipped, and simply close the window on the man three
times to cause him to fall down. You'll then untie the rope, placing it back
into your inventory for use later.
Try and exit the room to have Melanie tell you again that he's disappeared.
Pick up the key on the ground from before, and unlock the refridgerator. Pick
up the gas canister again to begin Chapter 3.

Short Walkthrough

1. Pick up the Rope on the operating table and secure the door.
2. Use the knife on the tablecloth to prepare the Cloth Rope again.
3. Use the Spray Can on the window frame to loosen it.
4. Setup the cloth rope to exit via the window like before.
5. Try and leave through the window. When the murderer climbs up, close the
     window frame on him three times. Do not cut the rope. This will return you
     the rope for later use.
6. Try to exit through the door. Melanie will stop you, like before.
7. Pick up the Key, unlock the refridgerator, and pick up the Gas Canister.
     End Chapter 2.

+++++ Chapter 3 +++++

The process once again is similar. Go underneath the sofa and find the fusebox
with the knife again. Unlock it with the same code as before. 426, if you've
forgotten. Flip the breaker switch and talk to Melanie.

Hide underneath the sofa like before. Flip the breaker switch so he's confused
again. When he flicks on his lighter to shine at the text, this time, do not
use the knife on him. Use the spray can. The lighter will catch on fire,
burning him and causing him to collapse.

Pick up the lighter, and read the message again. After the dialogue progresses
as normal, once again, don't kill him with the knife. Instead, tie him up with
the rope you retained from before.

Attempt to escape through the door. You'll go through the same scene where
Melanie turns on you and escapes into the bathroom again, starting Chapter 4.
Short Walkthrough

1. Go underneath the sofa and unlock the fusebox again. Code is 426. Flip the
     switch once.
2. Talk to Melanie, and hide under the sofa.
3. When the murderer gets in, flip the switch to confuse him again.
4. Use the spray can on the murderer to burn him. Do not use the knife.
5. Pick up the Lighter and read the message.
6. Tie up the murderer with the cloth rope from before.
7. Attempt to exit through the door.
     End Chapter 3.


+++++ Chapter 4 +++++
Try to enter the bathroom door. After you get back out, the murderer will
mumble something at you. Talk to the murderer.

He'll explain that he accused you of being the murderer, The Butcher himself.
He then explains that it was Melanie's brother who had given him this
information, but it was all a bluff. He plans on dying with you.

Attempt to go into the bathroom again to confront Melanie. The murderer will
once again attempt to accuse you of being a murderer. This time, use the knife
on him. He'll think you're trying to kill him. Use the knife on the rope tied
around his arm and stomach to free him (the one furthest to your left).
You'll confront the murderer, mentioning how he's trying to protect Melanie.
You start saying that he was trying to kill you to protect her, but the fact
that you're not The Butcher still stands. When the man doesn't believe you, you
offer yourself to the man, allowing him to kill you to stop the gas, saying
that you don't want anybody to be hurt. As a form of exchange.
He'll then explain that she wouldn't stop the gas anyway. The man will punch
you aside and you'll start to black out. He'll then enter the bathroom,
admitting that he's The Butcher. You'll then completely black out. Melanie will
wake you up after a while, explaining how the man attacked her and how she
knows you weren't the murderer.
Do you want to know why he admits that he is The Butcher? You will need to play
Another Story to find out. It is all explained there.

Go to the bathroom again and enter to pick up the chainsaw. Notice that if you
try to read the text on the door this time, you don't immediately close in on
any specific object. Now, if you think about it, you aren't supposed to kill
Melanie. So what other body have we forgotten so far? If you try to open the
refridgerator, it doesn't work. And we know from the last playthrough that the
man didn't have the key.
If you managed to guess it, it's the doll we've forgotten. Use the chainsaw on
the closet to forcefully open it. Pick up the doll, and place it on the
operating table. Melanie will mention how the doll looks like her mom, but
she's been gone for a long time.

Item 12: Regardless, use the chainsaw on the doll. You'll find the key to the
door. Examining it explains that it's a white key with a lotus on it. Turn
right, and use the key on the door. True End completed.
Short Walkthrough

1. Enter the bathroom to confront Melanie.
2. Talk to the murderer.
3. Go back and confront Melanie again.
4. Use the knife to cut the ropes binding the murderer.
5. Enter the bathroom to pick up the Chainsaw.
6. Use the Chainsaw on the closet to get the Doll.
7. Place the doll on the operating table.
8. Use the Chainsaw on the doll to get the Key.
9. Use the Key to exit the room.
     True End completed.


Walkthrough - Another Story

At this point, your game should be 70% completed. If you don't plan on
purchasing Another Story for $1.99 (or whatever it costs to you, if you read
this a long time from now), you're done. You can quit the game now. But I do
suggest you pay the money to buy it, because Another Story is actually in
essence, harder than the main story.

Would I say the money is worth the extra? Not really, but if I was to pay for
the game as a whole, I would say that $1.99 is well worth the main game and
Another Story combined. I got my money's worth out of it, so I recommend that
you do play Another Story, if you like Murder Room.

+++++ Introduction +++++

Essentially, Another Story is an alternative take on the events currently
happening in the main story. It's not exactly before, after, or during, but
it's an alternative side story with its own similarities and differences.
The setting is inside the bathroom of the same apartment.

As you begin Another Story, you get a flashback (a dream apparently), of you
playing with Neil and his little sister, Melanie. Apparently, ever since you
moved away from them, you haven't seen either of them for a long time.
After you return to your old apartment (the apartment of The Butcher), you meet
Neil again. Your name is Eric. After a bit of talking, he explains that the
apartment used to be yours, and Neil used it as his own personal retreat.
You explore your apartment to check it out, but then realize that Neil locked
you into the bathroom.

If you are wondering, yes, this does tie into the main story. Actually, when
you complete Another Story, you find out that the main game was actually a side
story, not the main story. But I'll explain why, after the guide.

+++++ Keypad Code 1 +++++

Starting Another Story, you can try to escape, but the door is locked and the
glass is misted over, so you can't see through it. You can look at the keypad,
but you don't know the code. The other things don't do anything, for now.

For now, just pick up the tape underneath the sink. The mirror above has a
keyhole lock, but you don't have the key. Open up the locker beside it, and
pick up the hose. You will see four cards placed on a grate, with the image of
a door to the left. You will need this later.
Go back, and turn around to face the toilet and the bathtub. On the ground to
the left is a screwdriver. Pick it up. Equip the screwdriver and unscrew the
drain cover to the bottom-right.

If you examine the water tank, you notice that there's something in it, but you
can't reach it.  The only other thing you can do with the screwdriver for now
is unscrew the shower head.
If you look in the bathtub, you'll notice that there is strange liquid in it.
Since it is clogged, you can use the drain beside the tub instead. To do so,
just place the hose in the bathtub. The liquid will drain, revealing a yellow
sheet in it. You can't interact with it for now. But pick up the hose again.

On the wall is a code, "SMTWTS". Beside is the water supply system, which is
offline. If you tap the casing, it will open up, uncovering a five-letter
combination lock. Beneath it is a hint, "John, Fritz, Marcel, Andrey, Manson,
Jeffrey, ..., Deadman".
The riddle to this is given by both hints, but only the latter is really
necessary for this code. Count the number of names they give you. There are
seven names. Deadman isn't exactly a "dead man", but just a name. Or it could
be, but it's meant to mislead you. Now, count how many letters are available in
the lock. Five. 7 + 5 = 12.

A good way to approach this is to once again, use the first letters of all the
names. With the names on the hint, you have "J, F, M, A, M, J, ..., D". If it
hasn't clicked to you yet, each letter designates the first letter of the name
of a month. January, February, March, and so on.

Recall that five letters are necessary. If seven are already given to you,
where is the remaining five? Where the ellipses belongs. Now, we know that the
missing ones would be July, August, September, October, November. This spells
out JASON. That is your code. Enter it, and tap the Enter button on the system.
Now, take the hose, and examine both the shower head and the water tank. This
will place the hose onto both. If you run the water, you'll notice that there
is a leak where the shower head was. Take the tape and affix it on the shower
head. Run the water again, and you'll notice something sticking out of the
water tank. Pick it up.

It turns out to be a plunger. Now of course, what is a plunger used for? The
toilet. So we'll start there. use the plunger on the toilet. You'll get some
metal rings. You can place them on the steel rod, above the bathtub, but
unfortunately, there's no curtain.
At this point, there's nothing else you can do but input the first code. If you
recall, the water spread over the ground when you flooded the water tank. It's
a little hard to see, and I myself had to max out the brightness to see it, but
there are numbers formed by the water on the ground.
Return to the locker. Remember the cards? Look at the values. Ace is 1, Two is
2, and so on. Also, look at its positioning, relative to the door. That's the
direction you should be looking, with the door as a reference. So let's see
what we can make out of the numbers on the ground.

If you leave the locker and rotate your iOS device the other way, facing away
from the door, you can see that where the Ace was is a (honestly, very poorly
done) faint number 6. Turning around and looking relative to the door again,
you'll see a 3. Then a 5. And finally, a 4. The code is 6354. Enter it on the
keypad. One of the lights will turn on. It turns out that it was the
combination for the ventilation fan.

+++++ Keypad Code 2 +++++
After the code is entered, you will see Neil through the door. Apparently, he's
just playing with you. He'll tell you that Melanie is here, and as you look,
you see her on the operating table from before.

Now, if you turn back and go to the bathtub, you'll be able to take the sheet
off the thing in the bathtub. After you take it off, you notice that there were
tons of dismembered body parts in it.

At this point, place the metal rings on the steel rod if you haven't already.
Then, use the sheet on the rings or rod as well to hang it up. Turns out it was
a shower curtain. Open the shower curtain, and you'll see two things on it.
A small mirror which you'll need later, and a calendar titled "Lost Days".
Do you recall the code on the wall behind the curtain? It was "SMTWTS". What
does this make out? Recall the month code again. It's once again, related to
dates. In this particular instance, days of the week. You will notice that F
is missing. F, as in Friday.

If you look at the calendar again, look at the column for Friday. The numbers
differ for each person. Enter in the numbers for the lost days of each Friday
in the keypad, starting with the top going down. Another light will turn on.

+++++ Keypad Code 3 +++++
The keypad now features three letters on it, but ignore it for now. Neil will
talk to you again, giving you a hint. "The dead speak."

Do you recall the dismembered body parts from before? Go back, open the
curtain, and look in the tub. You'll get a key. If you recall, the mirror
had a keyhole lock, so unlock the mirror, which is a medicine cabinet.

You'll suddenly see a gun pointed straight at you, which shoots, but misses.
You take the gun, just to be safe. Pick up the brush on the lowest shelf.
The other things don't do anything for now.
Leaving the medicine cabinet, you can use the brush on the wall to the left to
clear up the dirt. If you look at the place you cleaned up, you'll see "tAPe".
It shows on the mirror as well. If you look at the mirror, tAPe is backwards,
as expected. You'll notice that you can place the drain cover up against the
mirror, to see some numbers spelled out in a weird order. This isn't necessary
for the tAPe riddle just yet. It will be necessary for the riddle after.

Now, that's all you need to get the third keypad code, but you want to do one
other thing, first. Turn around, and use the brush on the drain cover from
before to pick it up. Close the curtain again. If you turn now, you will notice
the pig mask in the sink.
Now, the riddle to tAPe is extremely difficult for most people. I'll give you
hints to try out before you just look at the solution. You need to solve the
tAPe riddle, and enter the value you get as the third code.

First, think of the positioning of tAPe. If you can't think of what object it
forms, think of why the letters are on the wall. What goes on a wall? Next,
each letter of tAPe represents a numerical value that follows a specific
pattern that is the same for the other letters. Figure out the key, and use it
in correlation with the kind of object it is. This will give you the code.

If you couldn't figure out the riddle, just read below for the solution.

What do the letters make out? If you haven't caught on yet, it's a clock.

To decipher the code, first go back to your keypad. Look at the letters you
have. This varies from game-to-game, but the method to solve it is the same.
Write down your hint. For this playthrough, I got "P:o:y". Look at the wall
again. Where is the A positioned? At the top, correct?
On a clock, what does the very top represent? 0 or 12 hours, or 60 minutes.
Same process for the other letters. P is 3 hours or 15 minutes. e is 6 hours or
30 minutes, and t is 9 hours or 45 minutes.

Think about how they match up. Coordinate numbers with letters, starting with
A as zero. How many letters are there in the alphabet? 26. If we're saying A
starts at zero, that means B is one, C is two, D is three, and so on, until Z
is 25. But if one letter already occupies a value, t can't possibly be J (which
is 9), and t can't possibly be 45, right?
Let's look at e for a moment. Write out the alphabet, and number each letter
from 0 to 25. e is 6 or 30 as per this clock. But with the key from before, E
is 4. This is like math. Since e cannot be 4 or 6, that means e must be 30.
Now, why is there both capital and lowercase letters? Let's try adding
lowercase letters onto the uppercase ones. Starting at 26, which is a, b would
be 27, c would be 28, d would be 29, and look! e is 30, exactly as the clock
says. That means that t being 45 must be correct.

With the solution key figured out, we know that 0-25 represents A-Z, and 26-51
represents a-z. We also know that the clock counts each letter in minutes, not
hours. Take my case. P:o:y. We know that capital P would be incidentally, 15.
Okay, then o. Lowercase o is somewhere down, but is 40. And finally, y is 50.

One note, is that if you have something like R, you can't just write 17 as the
hours. Count 17 as minutes instead, to be consistent with the other letters in
tAPe. 17 is between 3 and 4 in terms of clock hours, so it's still just 3. So
my code is 3:40:50. Not 15:40:50.

Now, enter your code. The lights will turn on. Try to open the door. It won't
open. However, Neil will come and ask if you're happy again. Neil has problems.
That much is obvious.

He'll then tell you to put on a mask. So go to the sink and pick up the pig
mask you saw before to put it on. Returning to the door, Neil asks if you've
heard of The Butcher before. He'll supposedly start up some party to play with
you again, and then have you try to figure your own way out now. He mentions
you only have a while to figure it out.

When you're back in the room, you'll notice lots of coloured lights shining
throughout. If you turn around, there are more colours. Do you remember the
mirror and drain cover from before? If you do it now, you will see the numbers
1-5, signifying an order. If you open up the cabinet, you'll see that 1-5 are
exact positions of five different items in the cabinet.
Take note of the colours of each item from 1-5. Red, Indigo (Purple, not Blue),
Pink, White, Orange. Quickly get out of the cabinet. Turn around, and start
tapping the colours. You'll notice that it reacts. Press it in that specific
order. Remember, indigo is not pure, defined blue in this case, and there is no
exact purple colour. Tapping the light blue light in the other room won't work.
You have to use the one beside the door. (This is a bit problematic with
improper lighting in the room and iOS device. It's best at max brightness.)

Tap the correct order for the lights, and the gas will stop. Go to the door.
You got out. But just talk to Neil a few times to read his dialogue.

It turns out that Neil has no idea what he's doing. He's likely psychotic,
mixed in with philosophical views on what one's identity truly is. The question
on whether you become a killer, or are just a killer in wait. But if you're not
a philosophical major or something like that, it wouldn't concern you so much.
Keep talking to Neil, and you'll realize that Neil indirectly admits that he is
actually The Butcher, and wanted to get Melanie to try killing him, to see her
primal instinct of killing as a form of a test. But to his disbelief, she
refused to kill him, being too nice of a girl.

After a moment, Neil decides that since you were so conveniently here, he wants
to get Melanie to kill you instead of him. He then mentions that you have two
choices, to leave, or to kill him. However, if you try to leave, he will kill
Melanie for not being cooperative, of which you refuse to let him do so.
By this point, he has lured you into killing him, with no other choice. A bit
of a play on fooling one's own psyche, forcing them to do things beyond their
will. In this case, murder. Neil will convince you that Melanie would never
forgive you, since you killed her brother.

To finish the game, you must shoot him with the gun. There is nothing else you
can do. Neil then breaks down, claiming it was all just a facade, a plain joke.
You pull the trigger, but flowers pop out.

He says then it was a joke, which you buy into as being a very not-funny one,
but then he hands you a chainsaw, to have you kill Melanie with it. He tries
to force you to cut Melanie with it, of which you refuse to do.
Ultimately, you end up using the chainsaw on Neil to get him to stop pressuring
you, killing him. It is implied at this point that you placed Neil's body into
the refridgerator (if you want to understand the story, in correlation with the
main story).

You free Melanie here (in the main story, you interrupt him freeing Melanie,
causing Eric to side track and look out the window, consequently leaving the
room, with you being the one to free her yourself, NOT Eric), but she blames
you for being his killer. You get the same scene as when the murderer entered
the room to kill Melanie, while she is being the decoy. It turns out, that in
this alternative story, you are the man with the mask, but not The Butcher.
You killed her brother. But then you place the blame on the other person,
because her brother told you so. The other person that you were playing as,
in the main story.
You end up telling her about the mask and watch, and how to use them against
The Butcher. But you realize that the person in the main story, wasn't The
Butcher at all. It turns out, YOU are The Butcher. You had psychological
issues, of which you hid, but Neil knew, all along.
So you end up going into the bathroom, to admit that you're The Butcher, as per
the main story, to save the other person. Melanie kills you here, but as per a
twist, you wake up, realizing it was a dream.

When you wake up, you're in the hospital, and Melanie is beside you, happy.
Another Story completed, giving you 100% completion.


Conclusion - Mysteries in the Game

All in all, if you understood Another Story's ending (everything occurring with
the conversation with Neil after escaping, and its correlation with the main
story), then you have truly captured the BASIC essence of the game.
If not, you may need to play Another Story again to understand it. Although
I've already summarized what the final conversation entails, I didn't exactly
quote word-for-word what Neil and Eric mentioned, so you may want to go through
it again.

The point behind the game isn't the game itself, but for you to figure out the
story behind the three people and you being the protagonist in the main story.

If you didn't catch on, the end of Another Story wanted you to read the
conversation before killing Neil. If the point was to just escape, you would've
done so and left. This shows that there is more to the game than just
completing it, as was intended by Ateam.
Here are just some mysteries for you to decipher, to make the most out of your
Murder Room experience. They will play out like a classic Clue novel, with lots
of hints and mysteries for you to try and figure out who is the true murderer.

If you haven't caught on yet, Another Story is actually the main story. The
main story is actually just Eric being side-tracked from saving Melanie, and
you ending up being the one to save Melanie. Though, you remain anonymous.
It's meant to be from a first-person perspective, of yourself, being there.
However, what doesn't get explained is how you got into that situation in the
first place, in the main story. In Another Story, only Melanie, Neil, and Eric
were there. It would've been impossible for you to have not been noticed,
unless you were the "guest" that Neil was talking about, but with him later
deciding to tag Eric as the guest instead, to manipulate his thinking. You do
recall being in the car first, and then appearing in the room, but that doesn't
explain anything.

For this conclusion, I overview every bit of the game, giving you insight on
its correlation with the rest of the story. It's long-winded, and is not meant
to be a summary. It's in-depth, to give you food-for-thought. I explain the
true essence of the story from head to toe.

For the most part, we must assume that the flashback/nightmare/dream that Eric
had in Another Story was all true. Otherwise, it could spiral anywhere, which
doesn't really give you a reason to bother thinking about the story.

+++++ Mystery 1: Who is The Butcher? +++++
We'll start with the grand question. The one written on the wall.
"Who is The Butcher?"

Neil was very likely the one that wrote the message on the wall saying "Who is
The Butcher?". If Eric was The Butcher, then he did not realize it from
amnesia, and must have written it on the wall AFTER Neil's death, since Neil
was the one that brought to Eric's attention the question of his true identity.
However, the text was there long before Eric even got the question, and by
correlating it with the timing of when he sees the message on the wall in the
main game, it makes sense to believe that Eric could not have written it.
The Butcher can't be Melanie, since she's never killed anyone. Neil gives this
point to you at the end of Another Story. She's too pure to kill. So it can
only be Neil, Eric, or the guest.

Neil lures a guest into the apartment, to supposedly image himself as The
Butcher. The guest is likely you, in the main game. You (the guest in the main
game, I'll just refer to you as the guest now, and Eric as himself) can't be
the killer, since you don't know anything about what's happening. Eric is only
the second guest, as Neil tagged him as the guest only after he realized he
had popped in, coincidentally.
At this point, you should start questioning whether Eric is The Butcher, since
he does not seem to know anything at all about what's happening around him.
Neil claims that Eric has amnesia but is really The Butcher, but from we've
made out so far, Eric probably isn't.

Recall, Eric was only VISITING his old apartment. By chance, he meets Neil
again. Likely, Neil had written the message on the wall, asking who The Butcher
was. Eric likely wasn't The Butcher, unless he had a serious case of amnesia.
This leaves Neil as the prime suspect. The leads we have show that Eric just
couldn't possibly be The Butcher. His unknowing approach to everything is too
evident to be true. Neil knows more about the apartment than he does, and he
frequented the place while Eric was gone, ever since their childhood.

Eric starts off by getting Melanie's attention, before eventually admitting
that he is The Butcher. He clearly knows that he would die by confronting
Melanie, in that situation.

So does this imply that Eric is The Butcher? From how Eric reacts to the
responses, it seems that he is only The Butcher by what Neil claims. That's it.
We know that Neil is a murderer (because he murdered the person in the
bathroom, which I explain below) so he may very well pretend he isn't The
Butcher and proceed to place the blame on another person.

Chances are, Neil is The Butcher, but he had wanted to test a person's
disposition to see if they were natural born killers, similar to his persona
being The Butcher. The desire to kill, for no other reason. But there is a
possible reason, which I will bring up, later.

+++++ Mystery 2: The Doll +++++
If you recall, the doll resembled Melanie's mother, which Neil admitted to
murdering. There was no blood on the doll after the guest (you) fetched the
lotus key, so it was likely not human.

The key with the lotus likely resembled Melanie and her mother's lifestyle of
tranquility, which you could see from the menu art of Another Story, with
Melanie sitting in a field of flowers.
The doll is a hard situation to explain, in terms of who made it. It can either
be Eric or Neil, as they both owned the apartment. I'll break the situation
down for your understanding.

The key was in the doll already, and the words on the iron barrier was on there
beforehand. The apartment was designed by Neil (since he occupied it the
longest) to be a killing ground and a trap for victims.

Recall that Melanie did not know what the doll was, and thought it looked like
her mother only after you discovered it. So Melanie wasn't the creator of the
doll. It also wouldn't make sense for Eric to make a doll of his best friend's
mother. Of course, the guest has no relation whatsoever.

At this point, Neil made the doll. Since she was his mother, and he killed his
mother. He designed the apartment's traps, including the iron barrier that
shuts on you when the guest tries to escape in the main game. A good note to
remember is that the bathroom with the keypad lock seemed to lock of random
accord. If the door closes, it will lock.

+++++ Mystery 3: The Pig Mask & The Watch +++++

Neil's watch could control the apartment's traps and gases. It's not possible
for Eric to give him the watch, since he hasn't seen Neil in ages, and there
was no way that Neil had access to Eric's apartment while they were young. Eric
would've known that Neil was a killer, if he was a murderer back in those days.
And chances are, if they were young, they wouldn't have know how to set up
intricate traps inside of an apartment.

Eric did not know about the gas in his own apartment. If Eric knew about the
watch, he would have totally known about the ventilation vent and gas. But
Another Story shows he had no idea about it. Therefore, the watch must have
been made by Neil.
Neil used the watch to activate the gas during Eric's imprisonment. The pig
mask was simply a mixture of Neil's belief that everybody wears a mask
(pretends to be somebody else their not, or puts up an image, hiding their own
inner personalities), of which Neil himself mentions in another Story, and
serves as a gas mask for the gas in the apartment as well.

Eric did not know about the keypad in Another Story, so Neil must have
installed it. However, Melanie could come as go as she pleased, the watch must
have controlled the door as well, since that would've been the only way to
enter and exit the bathroom.

Melanie also mentions that the watch was his brother's, when you are playing as
the guest and discover him in the refridgerator. Thus, Neil likely created both
the pig mask and the watch. The pig mask being a symbolic reference to one's
masked personality, and primal brutality, and the watch possibly referring to
how time will eventually force someone to commit murder in order to survive.

+++++ Mystery 4: Melanie's Betrayal +++++

The reason why Melanie could activate the mechanisms and gas is because Neil
must have told her about it beforehand, since Neil planned for her to kill him
(even though she refused). Neil wanted Melanie to kill Eric, if he had killed
Neil. She would know how the mask and watch works, if Neil had told her.

But why did Neil find it necessary to tell her how they worked? She does not
need poison gas nor traps to kill Neil, and Neil likely knows that. Neil was
more of an advocate for the chainsaw, which he handed over to Eric, to attempt
to kill Melanie with. Chances are, he tried to hand the chainsaw to Melanie as
well. Remember, Neil owns a gun as well, which he could've given to Melanie to
use instead.
Eric had told her how to deal with The Butcher by explaining everything, but
only AFTER she entered into the bathroom, and after Eric went in to confront
her and "admitting" he was The Butcher. The gas and traps were already in
effect before that. Thus, Eric would not have been the one to to tell her how
the pig mask and watch worked.

However, Eric doesn't even mention the pig mask and watch, because he himself
didn't see them during Another Story. He explains to Melanie only how to deal
with The Butcher. But with what means, we don't know. But it couldn't possibly
be those two objects.

Why did Eric need to tell her how to kill The Butcher, if she already had full
capacity to do so, assuming that gas was indeed the killing weapon of choice?
This raises more speculation about whether Eric is The Butcher or not, because
he had already been trapped, and being suffocated by gas. She would not have
needed to lay another hand on him, with any other weapon.
Thus, Eric was referring to The Butcher as another person. But, Neil was
already dead when Eric told Melanie, so why was there a need to tell her how
to deal with The Butcher? This implies that Eric was telling Melanie that the
murderer was the guest. Whom of which isn't. That means, Eric was either lying
to Melanie, or genuinely had no idea who The Butcher was, and had a premonition
that it would've been somebody else, which he later believed as the guest, in
the main story (from Neil's guidance, as well as his own belief that he wasn't
The Butcher).

Chances are, Neil still is The Butcher, but Eric himself did not realize it.
Therefore, just because Eric taught Melanie how to deal with The Butcher, it
does not push off the possibility that Neil is indeed The Butcher.

+++++ Mystery 5: Neil's Real Plan +++++

Another Story shows what would have happened if you (guest) had not intervened.

But think of this. If Eric was truly The Butcher, why did Neil have so much
murderous intent in the fashion of a playful torture maniac, as opposed to
Eric, who had no intent at all?
Neil knew about the key in the head from the tub, which Eric did not know
about. Neil likely killed that person, someone unknown for now. But is possibly
one of the people mentioned in the list of names from the water supply system.
Only possibly.

His murders were related to the names of each month. No month begins with M for
Melanie, except March or May, but both of them already had a murder. The JASON
code also confirms this.
So if Neil did follow the month approach for his murders, he would not have
killed Melanie, unless the day the event occurred in the game was literally
during March or May. So if Eric COULD leave, he could've done so, and Melanie
would likely be safe. However, Neil may have killed Eric for knowing too much,
withnot following the month approach.

When you hold up the gun to Neil, he explains that everything was a joke, and
was not intentional. This raises suspicion about whether Neil has another real
plan, or not. And in this sense, why is Neil so knowledgable at murder tactics?
It seems that Neil knows fully well what he is doing.
With Neil likely being The Butcher, he tries to place the identity on Eric
instead. By "capturing" The Butcher, Neil could conspire to place the blame on
him, to protect his own life, and to convince Melanie later on that Eric was
The Butcher.

This was an elaborate plot by Neil to hide his own identity of being a murderer
by placing the blame on another murderer, as a scapegoat. Since he knows the
Eric knows too much about Neil's true identity, Neil wants Eric to die, but not
by his hands.

The message on the wall, bringing a "guest", pushing the blame to Eric, and
likely some other minor things I'm missing, all had a role in pushing off the
fact that Neil is likely The Butcher.

If Melanie was convinced to kill Eric for being The Butcher, Neil would be let
off the hook as Melanie would trust her brother, and Neil would likely be able
to continue murdering more people. This brings to light the possibility that
Melanie caught wind of Neil's actions, which caused Neil to resort to taking
his own sister captive.

+++++ Mystery 6: True End & Another Story Combined +++++

Now if you're looking for a real brainbuster, try to figure this mystery out.
There is actually a possibility for the True End and Another Story to
simultaneously be possible. But only through one possible way. Use logic to
figure this one out. Why is it possible? Because I'm pretty sure Ateam had
mentioned that Another Story was another perspective on the game, NOT a side
story. So I tried to decipher it. And indeed, it is quite possible. With logic.

In the main game, Eric becomes displeased and later admits that he is The
Butcher to Melanie in order to save the guest when he offers himself as an
exchange because he didn't want anybody else dead. Melanie does kill Eric, in
this path, as opposed to the dream, but that is fine, as it is just a twist.
Though, this would imply that Melanie would not be beside Eric, in the
hospital, as Eric is already dead. Of course, this also reaffirms the fact that
the main game is actually a side story, with the guest interrupting Eric at the
start of the main game (who technically would not have murdered Melanie) or
before confronting Melanie at the end of Another Story.

The guest in the main story performing everything he's done confirms the fact
that the events in Another Story related to Eric had occurred, subtract him not
being murdered (because that's a choice you'll have to make, whether the guest
has a place in the story or not).
So with Eric mentioning his dream, the dream is his deja vu flashbacks of the
events relating to Neil's death and the guest's intervention (of which can be
taken two ways, one being that Eric lived and the guest had not intervened,
and the other being that the guest intervened, and Eric died, of which you can
choose, which is the point of having Another Story made), and the mention of it
being a nightmare is because of all the stuff that's happened to him relating
to Neil and Melanie.

Neil had set up the room to essentially lure guests into retrieving the lotus
key from his mother's doll, but only if the trap is activated by Neil or
Melanie. When Melanie responds "You know." when you ask her in the main game
why she is betraying you, she does it because she believes you are The Butcher,
only what Eric says, but that is because Neil told him so. So why did Eric feel
the need to lie about who The Butcher is, to save himself? He would not have
wanted an innocent like you to die, by stalling you inside the gas.
And together with him, too.

To wrap things up, in terms of continuity, the only possible way for both the
main story (True End) and Another Story to be simultaneously true, is if during
the main story, Eric enters the bathroom to confront Melanie, Melanie does not
kill him and exits, and Eric somehow escapes sometime then.

Eric would hide in the darkness (the guest's lighter would not be able to see
everything clearly, as it's the night) or creep out the small window somehow
while the guest enters to find the chainsaw and the remains of the body from
the bathtub, but placed on the floor, to mislead him into believing Eric died.

Eric would've actually escaped (via the window, or after they left), and would
then proceed to somehow get to the hospital (maybe he fell down from the
apartment, or went there himself for treatment for his trauma or some other
issue,. Melanie would later meet up with him there.

Now is this possible? Quite so. Try to figure it out, but if you can't, read
below for my depiction.

The shower curtain (very likely the same one from the dismembered body parts
in the bathtub) was used to cover Neil's body in the refridgerator. The guest
completely blacks out later on after Eric punches him, just as Eric goes in
to confront Melanie.
Eric during this time tells Melanie how to deal with "The Butcher", whom in
this case, he would refer to as himself. The dismembered remains (which the
guest found, after entering the bathroom) would bescattered on the ground by
Eric and possibly Melanie.

He then tells Melanie to lie to the guest that she had killed him (with the
chainsaw), and then leave with the guest. Since Melanie would not have killed
Eric, Eric must have escaped through the window (the iron barrier was still
down) or hid during this time. Melanie would've then met up with Eric later
in the hospital.

+++++ Other Minor Mysteries & Tidbits +++++

At the end of Another Story, Melanie doesn't kill Eric and lets him live. Eric
then wakes up in a hospital. It may be due to injury from Melanie attacking him
(with the chainsaw), or the poisonous gas. Otherwise, if it really was a dream,
then he was in there in the first place likely because he was mentally
unstable. But that's, once again, assuming that his dream did not occur,
which we are not presuming as true.

Neil had setup the gun in the medicine cabinet, but no torture murderer would
simply use a gun. However, he was in possession of the chainsaw. Neil likely
owns the gun, but as he specializes in dismemberment killing, he only uses the
gun as a way to scare his victims.

One question you can't figure out is, if Eric wanted to save Melanie, why
did he kill her in the main game when the guest closes in on her at the very
beginning? Does this imply that the apartment was locked on Eric as well,
when he had killed Neil? But we know this isn't true, since you could lure him
outside. The iron barriers had not been activated yet Eric would have had no
reason to fetch the key just yet.
You know once again that Eric wasn't trying to kill Melanie, because when you
turn twice to face him as the pig man (to start the main game), he turns off
his chainsaw. You can hear from the background sound. It was the first time
where if you looked closer, it would've been inconsistent. This part of the
game was likely developed before taking into account the whole mystery involved
with the entire group, so it was a small goof.
So what reason caused Eric to kill Melanie with the chainsaw in this game over
end? As well, this reaffirms the claim that Eric did not make the doll, since
he would've known where the key was if he did make it. He would not have needed
anything else from Melanie.

Jack the Ripper knife could have been used by either of them, but the knife
likely belonged to Neil. With Jack and King on it, Neil showed his fondness
for cards in Another Story, with it being the hint in the locker for the
first keypad code.

Why was there a plunger in the water tank? A code on the drain cover? Mirror
on the curtain? These are a few unexplainable items in Another Story. For Neil
to make such an intricate setup, he must've been very talented and deliberately
thought it out beforehand.

You can see in the main game that there isn't too much difficulty. That's
because Neil didn't really place much emphasis in the main room. The true
torture room is the bathroom, where he attempts to capture his victims by
luring them in, gassing them, and then killing them.

The map was likely made to designate where the fusebox was, but Neil hid the
map. Why did he need to hide it? He doesn't need a map to know where it is. But
away from this point, this may show that Neil is related to the oven, the meat,
and the cash and spray can. But it's speculatory. A compass on a map can't
prove his relation to the cash.
However, Neil did use Eric's apartment as his hideout for a long time, and 
Eric did not return since their childhood. Eric would not have had the chance
to hide his cash in his apartment. So if the cash indeed belonged to Neil, it
would imply that Neil was a contract killer. He did not do the killings out
of his own psychological misconceptions.

It is generally fine to assume that basically everything in the apartment
belongs to Neil, since he occupied it for the longest time.

How did Eric come into possession of his lighter? You notice that he takes
it out when the guest flips the breaker and turns off the lights. Following
correlation with Another Story, Eric would've already had the lighter, if he
had brought it with him. But you don't get to use it in the game as Eric, while
you're in the bathroom. Sure, there's technically nothing you could do with the
lighter in the bathroom, but it still doesn't rule out the mystery of how Eric
came into possession of it.

The gas canister. Why was it beside Neil's body? And in the refrigerator?
What would it have been used for? Nobody knows for sure. Possibly another
murder (or clean up), by Neil.

The choice for JASON as the water supply system code may be a reference for
Jason, the masked killer. Neil apparently has an obsession for masks, which
may be a reference for this. Not sure if Japanese people know about Jason,
though. Maybe they do. They do have a fondness for horror stuff.

If Neil's threat to kill Melanie was true, then The Butcher (Neil) may have
offered all victims the chance to kill him, but if they refused, then he
would've killed them instead.

And with that done, you've basically fully completed Murder Room, Another
Story, as well as solved various mysterious regarding its continuity. I could
go on a tangent and try to delve deeper to solve more mysteries in the game,
but I think I've already gotten my money's worth out of the time I spent
approaching the game analytically.
If you want to discuss the game, feel free to do so on the Board. I'll check
there every so often and answer any questions you may have. If the board is
dead as always, feel free to contact me via e-mail: sinjitnojizu -^- gmail=com.
(You know what goes in between and whatnot.)