From the development team behind "Ellie - Help me out...please" (over 1 million downloads!) comes this second psychological horror adventure!"You are being hunted by a serial killer.Do you have what it takes to stay sane and escape?"!!!! CAUTION !!!!Some players may find scenes in this game disturbing.--- PLAY ENVIRONMENT---?The game screen is very dark.-Play in a dark room for best results. Adjust the brightness settings if you have trouble seeing the image.?A dynamic and realistic sound environment-Earphones or headphones are recommended for the best gameplay experience.?App Size: approx. 50MB-Players are recommended to download the game using a Wifi connection.--- ADDITIONAL FEATURES ---?Another Story-Complete the main room to unlock an additional story for purchase.?Game Progress-Complete "Another Story" as well to attain a 100% completion rating.?Hints-Collect Hint Coins to unlock hints on how to progress through the game.--- HOW TO PLAY ---Tap the screen to search an area.Slide your finger across the screen to rotate left and right.Slide your finger down to close zoom-in screens and menus.Tap an item to take a closer look at it.Purchase hints to help you out when you're stuck.--- RECOMMENDED GAMES ---Ellie - Help me out...please - HD Summoner

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