Love playing PathPix? Tickle your brain cells even more! Twist and turn to find your way through a LOOPical labyrinth.In each puzzle you'll be looking for the one path that visits all of the squares in the grid exactly once to make a LOOP. Solve all the puzzles in a chapter to reveal a mystery photo and quote, step by step. LOOPICAL FEATURES---12 Chapters - 108 puzzles---A LOOPical photo and quote for each chapter---Graduated difficulty, from super easy to super hard.---Optional sound effects and musicSIMPLE RULES - COMPLEX PUZZLES ---Draw a closed LOOP that goes through EVERY empty square on the board once and only once.---Some squares hold shiny black or white blocks. These squares are - blocked. The loop does not go there.---Some squares contain clues that restrict the way you can go: +Yellow = go this way. +Red = go straight. +Blue = must turn. +Green = three turns or three straights in a row. TIPS---You don't have to draw the whole loop at once. Draw pieces of the loop, places where you know it must go, and then connect the pieces.---Take a wrong turn? No problem. Draw backwards or use the undo button or the eraser. ---All puzzles can be solved logically, but you can always resort to intuition if you get stuck! LOOPical is based on the original PC game "LOOPical" by KpixGames.

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