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Q: The App crash when I try to Attack

A: Delete the app and go to App Store and reinstall the Attack By Turns App.

Q: The game sometimes loads slowly, particularly when I am sending my turns

A: Due to increased number of players, we sometimes have performance issue. We are working on improving this.

Q: I dont get any push messages when its my turn. What can I do?

A: Make sure you have updated to latest version. Open Attack By Turns > Open settings> "Push notification" must be checked.

Q: Why does suddenly one of the three players countries brown ?

A: This means that one of the players have surrendered. You may capture these countries and they will not attack You. These are passive countries.

Q: My game has frozen. I can't place any troops.

A: Try log out and log back in. If It does not help. Uninstall and download the game from AppStore.

Q: I upgraded to ad-free Premium version, then I downloaded an updated version in App Store. Do I have to pay again?

A: Apple will only charge you once. (Even if the message from App Store say something else). Just press "Yes" when they ask if You want to purchase again. Your apple account will not be charged again.

Q: Can I move troops to any of my countries in the world map?

A: No You can only move troops to a nearby country.

Q: I have invited players but the game don't best started.

A: You can invite other players. Go into game settings and press the pending status for each player and send out new invitations.

Q: Player don't play their turns.

A: Some player take long time to play their turns. You can go in to the chat in the game and send them a message.

Q: I did not get any extra troops even though I have many countries.

A: You only get bonus troops from holding continents or cashing in Bonus Cards.

Q: How do I cash in Bonus Cards?

A: Cards can only be cashed in during “place phase” in each turn. You cash in bonus cards by selecting the cards and pressing the $ sign that appears to the left in the bottom bar. See this video tutorial:">

Q: How do I attack?

A: In order to attack, you drag and drop a game token on top of an enemy country. You can only attack neighbouring countries or connected by a sea-lane to your own country. See this video tutorial:

Q: How can I move many troops after attack?

A: If you hold down the game token in the country you won, you move multiple troops.

Q: How can I move many troops at the same time?

A: To move multiple troops, hold down the the game token after you have moved one troop.

Q: I want to start a new attack with the country I won, but I don't want to move all my troops to that country.

A: The surrender button will change name to "stop move" after You won a new country. Press that in order to stop moving more troops.

Q: Where do I see how many troops I have left?

A: In the section to the right of the tank icon at the bottom bar You can see how many troops you have to place

Q: Do I need to place all troops each turn?

A: Placing is optional; a player may decline to place all or any troops at all during the turn.

Q: I opened the world map but it is only blue.

A: Ga back to the previous screen and open world map again.

Q: I don't get push messages:

A: Go to settings and fill check the checkbox "allow push messages. If it does not help the cause can be that You internet connection is unstable.

Q: The Game is very slow when I move troops between Alaska and Siberia.

A: This is a know bug that we are working on to improve.

Q: How do I play a turn?

A: A turns consists of three phases: Place, Attack & Move. A turn is only complete when a player has completed all phases by clicking on the arrow icon to the right in the bottom bar. See this video tutorial:

Q: Will You add back buttons for when you accidentally press the next button twice?

A: We hope do find a good solution for this in a future version.

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