The game of action movie chase scenes, as seen on Touch Arcade, G4, Kotaku, Eurogamer, and more!“Shove Pro is a very funny, cheeky game, but much more importantly, it's a fun one.” - Kotaku“We never imagined we'd enjoy a game about shoving as much as we're enjoying Shove Pro” -G4“Shove Pro is perhaps actually engineering a new genre... and the fact that it also has an airtight plot makes it all the more amazing” - Touch Arcade, ????----------------------------------------- You know how in an action movie chase scene, the guy being chased will go to unreasonable lengths to shove any extras who are even remotely in his way? Like, he could probably go around them, but instead he'll knock them over or swat the bag of groceries out of their hands?We made a game about that.In this addictive indie game comedy, Rad Dragon invites you to become Lars Speedwagon, Shove Pro. Shove your way across colorful European cities, running, causing chaos and foiling your pursuers with hilarious ragdoll physics!? A new twist on the endless runner - don’t avoid obstacles, create them!? Shove people into fruit stands, pianos, guys carrying a pane of glass, and more for chain combos!? Perfect your aim to stop goons, scooters, and helicopters from trying to end your run!? 8 Cities with unique electro-folk soundtracks!? 10+ Special Effect game modes to mix & match!? Outfit Lars with movie-themed accessories!? Random plot generator makes up the details of each movie you shoot!? Share your shove stats and movie plots with friends!? Shove your way to the top of Game Center!? Get the soundtrack now at ?

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