-- This application is a game --Become a hacker in this game mixing adventures, enigmas and system hacking.You'll need to be logical in order to get in the most secure IT system !Embody Adam Peerson, a 30 years old developer working for an IT society and living his life like you and me. However, one day, back to home after a hard day work, Adam receive a weird email. Indeed, a company called BlindTail seems to look after him and spying him since a few years in order to watch his IT skills. Forcing Adam to work for them threatening to kill his sister Dayna; Blindtail will provide any software to help Adam in his hacking process.The first mission will be easy and will allow BlindTail to confirm what they think of Adam (that he is a good IT developer).Infiltrate IT system, broke their security and learn a bit more about people around you and find the truth about this mysterious BlindTail company.The game is king of successive surveys. Of course, enigmas will be harder and harder. The user interface emulates a unix or DOS shell, in which you can execute commands to read mail, penetrate system, etc...In order to prevent from being stuck, we set up a system of Hints and Solutions; at any moment you can have an hint to 'unstuck' you. Or if you still get stuck you can have the complete solution to the next level.And please, we would like you to have a really good game experience. So if you want any information or if you want to report a bug, you can contact us.The first part of the game is completely free. Once you get at the middle game, you will have to pay (0.89€ or 1.09$) to continue playing the game.

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