****** BULWARK STUDIOS PRESENTS ******Be more than just a Samurai!Take on the role of a rnin, a samurai who has been disowned by his master, as you make your way through a fantasy Japanese land, encountering bandits, archers, samurais and other ykai as you go.Help the people you meet to accomplish their missions and collect as many wisps as you can in order to make use of the powers that lie dormant within you. Are you ready to face over 100 different waves of enemies at breakneck speed? Rnin has been designed to be as much fun as possible from the outset. Whether you are a die-hard gamer or just play occasionally, you are sure to face your enemies with the same enthusiasm. You can dodge, jump and attack with a simple finger movement, meaning you instantly get the hang of the game. Collect wisps, the energy needed to develop and use your powers. Thanks to your experience and your reflexes, you will soon be beating your own scores and those of your friends! But don't be fooled: Rnin provides a real challenge for perseverant players. No pay-to-win or virtual money involved: all players start on equal footing so that everyone can progress at their own rate. -- BEGINNER ADVICE --For you first steps in the game, when you level up, you should unlock the SLOW MOTION passive skill.The game will become significantly easier !-- iPod 4th gen --You may encounter some crashes while navigating in menus.They will be fixed soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.Languages available :- English- French- German- Italian- Spanish- Dutch- PortugueseA few stats:- Over 100 different waves of enemies that appear at random. - Unlock the 9 destructive skills that have a great impact on the outcome of each stage. - Make your way through the 5 lands, each with a different enchanting atmosphere.- Secondary missions that improve your score are hidden in each stage. - 5 tunes provide the soundtrack to your adventure. - iPhone 5 & iPad mini compatible- Translation fixes coming soon !- iPad Retina enhanced rendering coming soon !... And more to come :)

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