Jumping ThiefIntroductionForget the old style running, jumping, and escaping games!Enjoy a stylish action arcade game with just one touch!Become a characteristic thief and obtain the one-of-a-kind treasure behind various security systems.Don’t ever be careless! You must understand the changing behavioral patterns of the characters to escape the non-stop thrilling traps. StoryThe most valuable treasure on Earth, the “Angel’s Tear” that was hidden under the veil for thousands of years, actually exists!Clues that are needed in order to find the “Angel’s Tear” are located in special locations all around the world and you can place the treasure in your hands by following the clues. The most exciting all-time unprecedented challenge to obtain the valuable treasure has now begun. Who will find the “Angel’s Tear” to become the best thief in the world? Features1. Unique characters in one place. - A descendant of the great thief who is faster than anyone else, Lloyd!! - Mysterious abilities that no one else can obtain. The cute yet fierce, Alice!! - The legendary thief who easily breaks out of any police sieges with funny costumes and masks, Phantom!! - The captain of the pirate ship, Black Bird and a gold hunter who scares every other pirate around, Jake!!2. Fast and rhythmical stage structure - You may die in a flash! Speedy and thrilling pace! - Play with all your heart and might in every touch you make!-With brand new themes and traps, there is absolutely no room for boredom!3. Premium costumes for your absolutely precious characters!! - The completely different transformation of each of the characters is unbelievably fascinating during the game!!- Must-have costumes such as dancing Lloyd, sexy Alice, and handsome Jake that you cannot miss out on!4. Have you ever heard of it?? Gosu Tower!! - The legendary Gosu Tower where only the outstandingly skilled champions can enter. - The Gosu Tower consists of randomly changing traps and provides more opportunities to acquire more jewels.

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