Over 1.3 million downloads! Over 7000 five star reviews world wide!"If you ever liked Mario Karts or Micro Machines, you'll love Table Top Racing""Been playing for months and I still need to bring my "A-Game" to beat it""Best racing game on iOS ever! Well done developers!""Amazingly smooth graphics and so addictive - I bought In-App Purchases just to support the developer"Slide to Play: Game of the MonthWhat Mobile: Game of the MonthPocket-Lint: App of the Day: “An instant classic!”Pocket Gamer: Game Of The Week “Polished and instantly playable”Touchgen “Table Top Racing looks absolutely gorgeous!”The Sunday Times “Console quality entertainment at a fraction of the price”The Sun “Table Top of the Pops!”Incredible Console-Quality Gameplay and Graphics!From the co-creator of Sony's blockbuster PlayStation franchise 'WipEout' comes 'Table Top Racing', a brand new fast and furious combat racing game featuring console quality graphics and gameplay. 'Table Top Racing' pits all manner of crazy cars and automobiles against each other in a world of table top race tracks and oversized obstacles. - Up to 4 Player Multi-player battles - 30 Achievements - 18 Leaderboards - 10 Upgradeable Cars - 8 Incredible Race Tracks - 4 Fierce Championships - 30+ Special Events - 6 Unique Gameplay Modes - 9 Cunning Power-Ups - iCloud Save Game Sync - iOS 6.0 and 5.0 Compatible - Native Resolution 3D on all supported platforms - Multi-Language Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese. With an awesome arsenal of madcap weapons and devious power-ups to play with, cars and tracks are brought to life with 'Triple-A' production values lavished on every pixel. The irresistible multi-player mode enables up to four 'frienemies' to engage in addictive, high octane battles over the net and also compete for the top spot on global leaderboards. Players can also win coins, upgrade vehicles, unlock new cars, expand their weapons cabinet in a bid to blast their way to the front of the grid. Simple, responsive controls make 'Table Top Racing' instantly playable with super smooth frame rates on all supported devices delivering a stunning racing game experience that all mobile gamers will enjoy.Note: iPhone 3GS/iPod 3rd are not supported so please do not buy and THEN leave a poor review. Thanks.

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