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What is the best strategy for getting money fast without hacking? 2
Game keeps crashing. Help Please? 2
Energy trick stopped working? 14
Game keeps crashing-help please? 8
Difference between Gold and Reduced Gold package? 3
What is the best strategy for getting money fast and easy? 5
Can someone help me with the unlocks on Injustice Gods Among Us Android? 6
Is starter pack better than silver booster pack? 3
Am I having bad luck in the gold booster packs? 3
Is it possible to upgrade a bronze or silver card to be platinum or crimson like the bosses? 6
Recent Questions Answers
Need unlocks for injustice gods among us for ios? 0
Will 400 million power credits get me banned from MP? 0
How do I promote Killer Frost? 2
What team should I be using for BB6? 1
Femme Fatale or Most Wanted? 0
When will the arkham knight pack come back and also dawn of justice pack? 0
Game data gone?? 0
What is the easiest/ fastest way to get good gear? 0
Has anybody had problems reseting their password? 0
When will the arkham knight pack come back and also dawn of justice pack? 0
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Unresolved Questions Answers
How Do I Earn Alliance Credits Through Injustice Mobile? 8
is the Red Son pack worth buying? 7
Gold packs? or characters? 7
Maximum rank? 6
What is a CRIT boost/CRIT attack? 2
Is it worth Buying a Silver Character? 5
How do I beat battle 42 characters ? 6
Can I still get Batgirl and Zod? 4
Batman Beyond On IOS ? 3
WhY I cannot have Batgirl? 2

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