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Asked: 6 years ago

Why is it not syncing?

My computer recognizes my iPod nano generation 3 when I plug it in, but iTunes doesn't do anything. Absolutely nothing. I can still operate it like normal and I can charge it when I plug it in to my iPod stereo, so it's a problem with iTunes. If I delete and reinstall iTunes, will my songs still be there? If not, how do I make it so that they will be there (or get them back for free)?

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Yeah, so I posted this on amd this guy gave me step-by-step instruction. So thanks guys.

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From: MarioIsMyIdol88 6 years ago

Well, I got the answer from another forum, but thanks.

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I think your music should be stored in your My Music folder, if you're using windows. You should be able to back that up. You could try reinstalling itunes. It might work.

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I had this problem, then I restarted my PC, opened iTunes, plugged in my iPod, and it worked.

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It might be set to not sync automatically.

Go to the "My ipod" part that lets you view your iPod, version, and what not. Then click "sync music" or something along those lines.

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Is your iPod set to manually manage or whatever the choice is in iTunes? If so, turn it off, it won't sync otherwise (although imo you're better off keeping it that way).

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