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a) Updates

b) Introduction

c) Walkthrough

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a) Updates

June 18th 2011: Am putting the website version of the walkthrough into a
txt file.


b) Introduction

This walkthrough FAQ is for VAY (Sega CD or iPhone OS).  This FAQ can be viewed

with VAY pictures at www.lordyuanshu.com.  

VAY is not a difficult game but the goal of this walkthrough is to keep you on
task, making sure all important items are acquired. A lot of detail is also
spent in analyzing boss battles and providing instructions on how to best deal
with some of the tougher enemies that Prince Sandor will face.

This walkthrough FAQ may not be changed, redistributed, plagiarized, and so on.

If you would like to host the FAQ give me an email and we will talk, but for
the time being it will only be on lordyuanshu.com, Gamefaqs and Neoseeker.  

Thanks again, enjoy, peace.

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c) VAY Sega CD Walkthrough begins...

Start Vay up and watch the opening scene. Prince Sandor recovers and is met by
Cyrrin. As Sandor runs out of the room, he sees his Mother and Father in bad
shape. Father's dying wish is to find Otto the Sage as the kingdom is in peril.
After some talking with a soldier and then the chancellor, you learn of Otto's
place of hiding; Pauth Cave. Before leaving this area, go to the very beginning
where Sandor was laying on the ground; go to the northeast spot and go east to
go through to the Vault. Grab the 1500G, Long Sword + Phoenix Heart.

Leave Lorath Castle and then go south. You will have to travel west a bit and
then further south, and you will see Jeffle Town after crossing the bridge.

Head to the Inn and rest if you want, and then get the green treasure (Leather
Band). The house south of this has an Herbal Extract and the guy says Otto
prefers dank caves. There is a traveling salesman in the southwest, but he just
sells a pair of Leather Boots (+2 Agility but you have a Royal Cloak with +3
defense so you may wish to keep that instead). The weapon shop has an Exit
Stone and the defense shop has an Herbal Extract treasure to grab. Nothing at
the Weapon Shop should be worthwhile, as even the Bronze Sword is outclassed by
that Long Sword you got at the beginning in the vault. Anyway, the defensive
shop has some things you may wish to get, like the Quilted Tunic + Leather
Shield. The Circlet is nice but you already have it. Speak with the villagers
to learn about some nearby places and hear the news, and then when you are
ready leave town.

(Well, there is a secret room in the northeast building - the bar. Go to the
northeast part of the bar and try to travel east and you can get three
treasures; Bronze Sword, Jelignite, and a Leather Shield. This means you can
sell the sword and not have to buy the Leather Shield earlier).

Pauth Cave: The enemies here should still be very easy to beat with that Long
Sword. Travel south and stick to the east to see a huge set of craters, with a
hole. Enter it. Go straight north in the first room to go further in. North
more to go further in again. Ignore the staircase down just east of you now,
and instead stick west and go north. Further north on the west end is a long
path + dead end, so instead go east and then north. Continue north all the way
to an Herbal Extract. Now go east and skip the next path north, but the
far-east path going north leads to a Quilted Tunic. Take the southeast stairs
now to get to B4. West a tad on B4, then north for an Exit Stone. Now go south
and west until you reach an up / down intersection. South is a dead end so go
north (skipping the east path which is a dead end too).

Along this route and you will soon be in a room with a young boy and Otto. The
boy is Pottle, Otto's Apprentice. Otto lets you know that the only thing that
can stand against the Danek Empire is the Legendary Armor (Vay Armor). Of
course, it will not be so easy to acquire this armor. We need to get the orbs
first that were scattered; Otto does mention there may be one on the Island of
Magmal off the west coast. Then of course we aren't leaving without the Elf
Pottle. Give him the extra Quilted Tunic you found, and a Leather Shield. The
Whistle Dagger he has is nice, it attacks all enemies.

Head out of the Cave and then go west on the world map until you reach a new
town, Smythe. You will probably reach level 3 with Pottle. As you can already
tell, Sandor is your brute and gains a lot for STR / AGL / LCK. Pottle is Agile
too but weak and more of a magic-type with his high WIS.

Not much to do in Smythe right now. The Flute Blowgun is a stronger weapon for
Pottle, but he cannot attack all enemies with it. The Long Sword is here but
again, we don't need this since we got it right away. The defensive shop has
the only interesting thing, the Plate Epaulets. Visit the Blacksmith in the
north part of town. Huge building but nothing to do here yet with this fellow.
Time to leave and go north a bit and west on the world map to reach Gilan

Within Gilan, enter the building near you for a Circlet. It should be an
upgrade for Pottle. The other building just northwest of here is empty, so head
through the door at the far west. Sandor will eavesdrop on a conversation with
a few Sentry's. Seems Danek has some crazy unstoppable units, but then they
start talking about Princess Elin. Too much firepower to attack here, but
Pottle remembers that there is a secret tunnel in Smythe village (evidently
this was in one of Otto's books for some reason?) Anyway, leave Fort Gilan.

Back in Smythe, go to the Graveyard and talk to the person in blue. Then go to
the Blacksmith in the north and he tells you to search the graves. It is the
northeast-most grave that opens up as a staircase.

The Smythe Tunnel is your first moderate challenge. Save before entering. Lots
of undead enemies down here. 367 Gold Coins + a Silver Knife are here as you
enter. The Silver Knife is good for Pottle as it is strong against undead. Even
still, the White Zombies will annoy you and the groups of four Skeletons will
wear you out. This isn't even bringing up the Murker who takes off more and is
also in this first screen. If you haven't built up to at least level 5 or 6,
you're going to get pushed around. Anyway, the EXP is good for you, so follow
the path west and north for a Strange Brew.

Further northwest leads you to Fort Gilan, but we don't want to go here until
we are rested up and at least level 6 with both characters. I was at 6 (Sandor)
and 5 (Pottle) and got killed even after using the Jelignite. Pottle is the
star of this battle, but use Flame for 40+damage instead of Blaze for 60+. The
Blaze is 10 MP and Flame is 5 MP, so use the Flame for better value (since MP
is so scarce in Vay).

This is why that extra level or two for Pottle is vital, for the extra MP and
extra use of Flame (not to mention extra HP for Pottle). Level 7 for both is
ideal. Bring 10 or so Herbal Extracts to stay alive. The Strange Brew heals one
person's HP a lot and the Phoenix Heart restores everything, though I
definitely wouldn't burn it for this battle. 400 EXP + 1000 Gold are your
rewards. The Fortress of Gilan has been liberated.

When you regain control, take one of the side exits going north for a Gnome
Sand, and then take the middle door down for those two chests; 500G and a
Strange Brew.

On the west end of Gilan are some shops and more people to speak with. The
Short Bow is +11 for Pottle (from the Silver Knife) so get that. Lots of stuff
to get at the Armor Shop; Breastplate, Bronze Shield, Filtration Mask + Mail
Gloves for Sandor, and then a Bronze Shield + Filtration Mask for Pottle. You
probably have sufficient money for all this from leveling up before the last
boss. West to exit to the World Map.

You will see Sandor's defense is about impenetrable for the enemies out here
now. Travel south and west to a port town, Coryan. Go to the Inn on the right
and search the pot for a Puppy's Dance. The armor shop has an Iron Wrist +
Suede Tunic for Pottle, along with a Battle Axe for Sandor. Go to the bar to
the west and search the pot for some Moon Drops. Not much else to do besides
talking to everyone, so then leave.

You may wish to fight around a bit to gain EXP + Gold, but north along the
coast leads to the cave you need to go to. There is a mini-boss as you get to
the second room and encounter the 'Mercenary'. The boss is a Night Gaunt; just
attack with Sandor + use Flame with Pottle. Shouldn't take you long, only
problem would be is if you were building up in the cave and went into screen 2
with a weak party. 290 EXP + 122 Gold are your rewards, and you get to talk to
Rachel of Treefall afterwards. She needs to go to the Island of Magmal too, so
she will gladly join you. She was at level 8 upon joining and had weak gear, so
heading back to get some new stuff for her wouldn't be the worst idea.

The Battle Axe is stronger for her, though she loses out on 2 agility from the
Battle Claw. Your choice there. Otherwise, plenty of armor for her to upgrade
with, but you are probably out of cash. Don't buy the Iron Wrist though, we'll
get one soon here. Back to the Droust Cave when you are ready.

Or a Suede Tunic, we'll find one of those too. Past the Night Gaunt room, there
will be two openings in the wall and then the stairs; take the right opening in
the wall for an Iron Wrist. Then take the stairs to 3F.

Lots of places to go here. First go straight north, into the room for 400G.
North and you will see two other rooms to enter; nothing in either room though.
At the far north are four holes in the wall. Take the second one from the left,
it's a long route but leads to a Strange Brew. But the biggest haul is the room
two more doors to the right, as there are three chests; a Mandacore, Suede
Tunic + Exit Stone. Now go to the northeast of this room for the staircase
going up, and continue this linear route until you exit the cave on the other
end. Nothing on this end of the World Map other than a tower; the Windspur

No enemies as you enter. Instead go west for a Static Sling, and east for
Bashy's Flute. Then go to the far north to go up the stairs. Down south on the
next floor for a room with Sirufa's Kiss. Keep going up - next floor has two
treasures on the sides, a Bronze Shield + Gnome Sand. Through the brown door,
up some more, and you'll see Sirufa the fairy. Sandor requests her ability to
get your party to Magmal Island. Despite the risks, it's a trip the party must

On the other side of the water, you will be by a boat landing. A ship is here,
and of course it belongs to the Danek Empire. Pottle suggests swiping it, which
is what the party does. It takes you straight to the other side (Coryan, port
town). Good way to rest or buy new stuff, like the Decoder Ring or Power Ring.
Anyway, back to the Magmal Isle Cave.

Many spots to go to upon entering. Take the far west path though, which goes
through a door and to a Mandacore. Back to the entrance and then take the east
path in, and then north for an Exit Stone and Battle Axe. Follow the right path
now, as it wraps north and west to a staircase. Continue along and you will
soon reach lava and a bridge going south. Take the right path across a bridge
for a Strange Brew, and then back west and south across that bridge. West and
north for a Static Sling. Now go south to exit out.

New area, closer to the boss. Travel east all the way across the bridges and
grab Sirufa's Kiss. Rest up and head through the center room. Sandor will say
something as you enter, and then search the three gray piles on the ground to
see that they are flattened soldiers. The thing on the ground is Earth
Elemental Romrus, who is one of the five that sealed the Armor of Vay. Listen
to the wacky voice over which says the Armor shall remain sealed.

To be honest, the Mantis from before is probably harder. Just use Flame with
Pottle, for a consistent 60+ damage (and only 5 mp used). Rachel and Sandor
can use their regular attacks and Balm / Herbal Extract when necessary. Romrus
has a fire attack he uses for 30 damage to all, but then he has Malybu which
will torch your squad for 70 damage each. Hopefully he uses this only once or
twice at most, but either way you don't want to go below 75 HP for this reason.
1500 EXP + 750 Gold for winning this battle. Go up and grab that Green Earth
Elemental Orb, then watch the 'fmv'.

You will find yourself back at Coryan Town. A soldier from Lorath Castle says
that Otto is at the castle and requests your presence. When you make the long
trek back, you learn from Otto in the throne room that Orb number two lies
somewhere in the Kingdom of Kerzalt. Time to head back to the port town of
Coryan and take the boat.

The boat then takes you south to the land of Kerzalt. You land in the town of
Shadhook, another port town. Enter the building to the right to find a Strange
Brew + Scale Armor. On the west side of the building is a Power Ring, very nice
(and save 5000 gold for not having to buy one). Pottle is the only one who can
equip it though. The item shop has other relics to buy, not sure if they are
worth your money to buy them though. Get the Long Bow here for Pottle if you

Search the Inn to find some Moon Drops in the southeast box. Then after talking
with everyone it is time to leave. On the World Map go east until you see a
path through the craters (north and south are just dead ends). Further east
past that and you will see a castle - this is Kerzalt Castle.

You are stopped as you enter, for the guards are on yellow alert. The minister
recognizes you and then Sandor goes in and speaks with the King of Kerzalt. He
gives you a hint about the Orb in this area, and then brings out the court
magician P.J.: Prudence Jurissa. She's not impressed by Pottle but thinks
Sandor is a stud. You now have a full party of four. You can tell PJ is
well-versed in magic and will almost certainly be a few levels ahead of the
rest of your group. Time to explore this large castle afterward.

Head to the upper-area and go to the southwest for a set of stairs down. Three
treasures; Herbal Extract, Long Bow and Iron Wrist. The Long Bow might be nice
for PJ but realize the Oak Staff does give her +8 WIS. The southeast has a
Silver Knife, Jelignite, and 2000 Gold pieces.

Hayhill Village is just south of Kerzalt Castle. Only upgrade at the Armor Shop
would be the Iron Helm for Sandor. The real prizes here would be the Silver Axe
+ Ashwood Staff. The WIS boost for PJ makes her even more destructive. You will
hear a lot about Mage Krager, including from his disciple Derek in the Inn.
Chest the pots for a Mega Spark. When you are ready to go, head west to Raxaal

The enemies in here are tough, so if you're under-leveled you'll die quickly
(but also a good place to level with 500+ EXP regularly). Take the right path
and down the stairs. Many routes on this level. The far left stairs down has an
Exit Stone, and the east-most stairs has Thor's Shield and another Silver Axe.
Back to the previous room and take the middle path going south to continue.

South in the next area to get to a new area. Take the stairs nearby as you
continue south, and this leads to a long path with two treasures. A Scaled
Tunic + Angel's Cross. Back to the last room, and continue on south through a
few rooms. Eventually you will see an actual door heading north; PJ has to use
magic to unlock it. You can still leave after this, but save + rest up. A boss
battle vs. the Vampyr occurs once you search the coffin.

Flame only does ~25 damage and Blaze ~35, but Malybu was doing ~120+ for PJ. So
despite it being more MP, it's better value. The Vampyr has a nasty physical
attacks, but shouldn't be too hard to stay healed since you now have 4 allies.
Use a lot of Malybu to start the battle, then slow down with it so you can
conserve some MP for healing (or just use Extracts). The Vampyr does have a
wealth of HP, so this will take some time. 3500 EXP + 2000 Gold are your
rewards. The coffin and such disappear, and you acquire the Mysterious Vizier
of Xaal. Walk out or use an Exit Stone.

Rest up at Hayhill. A tougher journey awaits south of Hayhill at Mt. Bole. Make
sure you are all caught up on weapons / armor and have numerous restorative

As you enter, the route far to the east leads to a dead end, so go straight
north and a tad west across that bridge. Take the east route and northeast for
an Exit Stone. Then chest the northwest corner and you will use that Vizier of
Xaal to go up through the stairs.

Lots of spots to go here. First aim for the southwest for a Mandacore. Just
east of this is a Fire Bomb, and east for Sirufa's Kiss. Northeast has the exit
to continue.

Next area, travel counter clockwise until you see stairs to go up. Do so and
grab the Sprite Ribbon and Elf's Hat. Sprite Ribbon prevents an ally from being
put to sleep (Accessory). Meanwhile the Elf's Hat is nice for PJ since it is +4
WIS too. Now just continue along until you reach a room that is very open. You
will see the Blue Orb on the north wall. Try to get everyone's level up so they
have full HP / MP. Wind Elemental Krager is here.

This battle will take a long time. You will see early on that you do very
little damage, and the dude has around 4000 HP. Flame is your best value for a
magic attack; just 33 damage but only 5 MP and the rest of your spells do
marginally more damage but cost a ton more MP. Either way you'll run out of MP
with P.J. likely, and you'll go through so many Herbal Extracts + Balms. 4000
EXP 1500 Gold Coins and the Orb of Wind are your rewards. Pottle freaks out as
the place explodes.

South of Mt. Bole is Mortyr Village. Otto is here as you get in, and the group
talks for a while. Otto then mentions the Orb of Water, and you will need three
items to reach it; the Wedge of Ice, Blanket of Fog + Water Gear. May Karik
tells about the Wedge of Ice which is in this town. The mayor will gladly hand
it over if you head on over to the Danek Base and teach them a lesson.

Rest at the "Fitzrite Inn" and then go to the Item Shop west of it. There is a
Faerie Cloud in the northeast pot. Now there are two sets of Weapon + Armor
shops in this town, and all of them have their benefits. The upper weapon shop
has the Great Sword for Sandor and the upper armor shop has a Spiked Armor for
Sandor. That will be 15,000+ Gold alone. The lower weapon shop has a Hunter's
Bow + Hacksaw Claw. . At the bottom right Inn is a Sprite Ribbon. The defensive
shop has some nice things, like the Iron Shield, Thorn Bracelet + Chrome
Gloves. No way you have money for all this though. You will find some of these
very soon, like the Chrome Gloves + Iron Shield, so keep that in mind.

The Danek Base is just west of the village. South as you go in, and then go
east when you can, and then north for a Jelignite. The left side is exactly the
same but has a Static Sling. Continue southwest and it will wrap east (take the
north path for two treasures; an Iron Shield + Chrome Gloves).

As you continue further, a scene with Sadoul and Jeal. Rest up, because just a
bit ahead you will come to Sadoul and Elin. Unfortunately she is brainwashed
and doesn't recognize Sandor. Meanwhile, a boss named Gigatron is summoned.
Time to do battle. Of course, fire won't work well; your best bet is Shock, as
it does ~150 damage and costs only 15 MP.

First time fighting Gigatron, I wasn't prepared and he took me down with his
powerful physical attacks. It is all he has, but often times he'll attack two
members (and sometimes double-hitting them). P.J. in particular can get killed
early, but she is needed for her Shock ability. Rachel's physical attack will
be very good (~100 damage each time), so leave the healing to Pottle + Sandor.
Sandor has the best defense so hopefully he absorbs most of the attacks. The
Gigatron also casts Silence once in a while but only targetted Sandor. 5000 EXP
+ 2000 Gold are your rewards.

A scene of you leaving and the base exploding. A red plane flies away. Return
to Mortyr Village and talk to the elder for the Wedge of Ice. Everyone will
think you're great and will have new things to say. Rest up and head south to
find a new village.

This is Segazz Village, home of the Segazzi Dragonriders. There is a Mega Spark
at the Item Shop but that is it, just speak with the villagers to hear of their
demise as the Dragons have died off. Otto is here, so Sandor catches him up
regarding what happened at the base with Elin / Elynthia. Otto then tells you
about the Shrine of Pegasus, which you may have noticed just northeast of here
but it is unreachable from the ground level. However, the Lair of the Dragons
is west of here and an Egg may be there. Speak with the villagers again as they
say different things, and then head on west.

(the shrine to the south does nothing yet). As you enter the Dragon's Layre,
new monsters are abound as usual. The Sucubus is particularly annoying as it
loves to use Confuse on your allies. Continue down the stairs three times until
you reach a room with an Exit Stone. Eventually you come to a room with two
sets of stairs going down. Take the west ones and continue along until you
reach an Elves' Bow. Eventually you reach a room with two more staircases; the
east-most one heads back to the beginning (that staircase you skipped earlier,
but along the way there is a 3000G treasure). Anyway, after getting that, take
the west-most staircase to continue.

Keep going now until you reach a room with a staircase just northwest of you
(and another one far to the north). Far to the north is where to continue, but
take the west one for a detour that leads to two nice treasures; Goddess' Love
and the Knight Shield. Back to the main path and take the north exit. You'll
have to keep heading north for a while, until you reach a beach / water area.
This is where the Dragon Egg is, so seize it. Cast Alakazam or use an Exit
Stone to leave.

Back east to Segazz Village. Rest and talk to everyone. Otto casts a spell of
some sorts on the egg, and the dragon comes out. The group wastes no time
flying with the dragon to the Pegasus Shrine. Head north within for the Water
Gear, then back south to fly out. That was easy.

Now that you are back, return to Segazz village. Otto is already gone, and you
will learn that you can go back south to the Dragon Shrine and right that
dragon over to the West Dragon Shrine. So go do that and then go to that nearby
town of Cannisk. Cannisk Town has many goodies. The Item Shop has the Warrior's
Belt, great for Pottle to have (better version of the Power Ring). The Armor
Shop has Silver Armor for Sandor and another Knight's Shield for whoever didn't
get the one in the last cave. The weapon shop is loaded. You see the Elve's Bow
here, which you should already have one of. Don't get one for PJ though, too
much money and she should have the Fire Cane to boost her magic power. The
Flame Edge is nice for Sandor though. Lots of new talk about Penan and other
things you have not heard about. When you are finished, head on out of town.

South of here is a shrine for Solon. Otto is here, as are some priests. Nothing
to do here at the moment though, so head north of town instead to get to the
Ice Tower (ICETOWER).

Stick to the east wall when you get in, and follow it north to Sirufa's Kiss.
Then go all the way west and up the staircase. South in the next area and go
up the staircase nearby for a Plymetal Armor. Further east and up the stairs
for a longer path that leads to a Light Mail.

Return to the first floor and take the north stairs up (in the middle of the
room). Don't go straight north to the third floor in this room, instead break
off east and take it all the way until you see a staircase; this leads to the
Silver Shield, which is an upgrade over the Knight Shield so it's the best one
around right now. Back to the northern path that you skipped, and this will
take you north and west to three treasures; 4500G, a Fire Bomb and an Exit
Stone. South of here for stairs and then you get the Knight Helm, an upgrade
for Sandor over his Iron Helm. I would highly recommend leaving at this point,
particularly since it is not hard to reach the boss.

So freshly rested and saved, head north through floor 1 and then straight north
through floor 2. You will have to keep continuing north through several floors
and you will reach a huge stone beast. Thankfully we don't have to face this.
Just go on ahead and grab the Blanket of Fog in the next room.

Of course, as this happens the group hears the monster in the other room
moving. Rest up and exit and sure enough we see Solon's Guardian The Arachylix.
Arachylix is weak against Fire, so wail away with Sandor's Flame Edge. Pottle
and P.J. can do massive damage with their fire spells, though against since MP
is precious use Blaze or Flame even for 150-180 damage. Arachylix has a strong
attack and will have a chance at poisoning you will it as well. It will also
Poison your entire group and then sometimes uses lightning on your entire group
as well. The poison gets annoying because Vilkyss costs 30MP so hopefully you
have Mandacore's. Fortunately with all of your fire abilities, the battle
should go fast enough for you to win. 6000 EXP and 2316 gold are your rewards.
Either Exit Stone out or walk out for the EXP.

Back to Cannisk Town to save and rest. Then south to Solon Shrine. Speak with
everyone and then Otto will be able to use the three items we collected to pave
the way to the Shrine of Water. Head south into the ditch and south through
Aquanale Shrine. Enter the door at the far south, and then down the stairs.

You are now in the main part of the Shrine of Water. Head west a ways and in
the northwest corner is some Gnome Sand. Now go south, east, then north when
you can. Follow this all the way north until you see that huge blue Orb of
Water. But rest first and then get it. You are ambushed by Jeal and four Danek
Soldiers. Use Malybu to light the soldiers up quickly. Jeal leaves after the
battle and then a trap goes off within the shrine and we have to bail. Head
south and east all the way for a Puppy's Dance. Leave the shrine but as you get
outside of it, take off Pottle's equipment. Scene ahead with Jeal, one of the
best in the game.

Head back into the shrine. Sorrow fills the temple, but Otto knows what
happened out there. He also knows Pottle wants you to go on, so next off we
will orb hunt in Penan, an ally of the Danek. So return to the other shrine on
this island, the one with the dragon that takes you back near Segazzi. Enter
town and speak with the Chief and he will tell you that it is perilously
dangerous in Penan, but Sandor insists. So return back to the shrine and the
dragon flies south to the land of Penan.

The nearby town is Hogshead Village, with funky music. Enter the Inn and search
for Bashy's Flute. Speak to the drunkard, this is Jasper who knows a Winnie
that we have met (but owes her money and when confronted with it, he lies and
says he meant Glennie). Check the weapon shop for the Ogre Hatchet, which is a
huge upgrade for Rachel. The armor shop has the Plymetal Armor but we got one
of those at the IceTower. In fact all these pieces of armor you should have
bought or found already.

Search the northeast building for a Faerie Cloud. Listen to the old man's story
and along with the guy in the southeast part of town, you learn that those guys
actually aren't the biggest fans of Danek. Nothing much to do here, so leave.

On the world map, go south a ways until you can go east. Then northeast and you
see a humongous desert. Good luck navigating this. We need to find the 'middle'
of it with the village known as Vaygess. Travel east a bit into the desert and
up, and hope the village is in your line of sight.

The east part of the place has a bazaar of sorts. The merchant with two green
treasures should be avoided as the closest treasure to him is a gold vortex
that takes all of your Gold. The other one is empty too.

The Tool Shop has some nice things, like the Lotus (+30 wisdom). You will want
this for P.J. for the rest of the game. The weapon shop is loaded too though.
First off, go straight north in the building and then east through the thin
wall for the two green treasures; Jelignite and a Phoenix Heart. You won't be
able to buy all the upgrades at the weapon shop likely; Beast Sword for Sandor,
Panther Claw for Rachel and the Wind Pipe for P.J. Wind Pipe should probably be
highest priority as are any new staves, as they boost P.J.'s magic power so
much. Armor Shop has a ton of stuff too, but buy that later.

Check the huge bar and casino before leaving. If you go to the top and then
take the northern stairs down, you will be in the back of the bar with a 6000G

Exit Vaygess and go all the way east until you reach Penan Castle. You only get
to explore the left side of the castle but it is still huge. Nothing to find
but lots of people to talk to. Eventually Rachel goes and talks to the king
regarding Treefall but the King won't let you pass until you find the Eye of

Time to leave and go back west to Vaygess. Some people in town say different
things, but either way we will have to head north from Vaygess and then west a
ways to Maytake's Den. Buy more stuff at the weapon / armor shop if you can.

At Maytake's, head north via either route and down the ladder exit at the far
north end. Now on B2, there are two rooms as you go south. Go in both of them
for a Bard's Hat and 5100 G. Take the exit at the south end.

Next floor is the last floor here, and it's more wide open. Two treasures to
get, one can be reached by going south for a bit and then east from the
entrance. The other is near the far east wall but close to the center, it is a
Dragon Claw. Then go all the way south and in the middle down here you will see
a door.

In here you see a hideous creature, and it talks. It is indeed Maytake. He has
the Eye of Kalif but isn't giving it up lest you have a song for him. Sandor
sings some ridiculous stuff but Maytake isn't impressed. We need to hire a
professional minstrel. Time to Exit Stone out and head back to Vaygess.

At Vaygess, rest at the Inn and then go to the double-door bar. As you try to
enter, the drunk bard comes out. He's been kicked out and has lost his harp.
After Sandor's request, the bard decides that if you get his harp back he'll go
with you on your quest to Maytake. However, he owes 20,000G at the bar. That
should be about what you made through the adventure in the cave. It's steep but
Lynx does come equipped with everything from this town, so the 20G is somewhat
near what you would have paid for all of that. Anyway, rest up, you now have 4
members again. Back to Maytake's Lair.

Back to the very bottom of the lair. If you forgot, just go north to the
staircase on floor 1. South all the way on floor 2. And south all the way on
floor 3; the exit is the center part of the far south.

Anyway, you're back with Maytake but now you have Lynx with you. He sings a
song that is even worse than what Sandor and P.J. produced. Maytake is pissed
and wants to do battle with you. He is really quite easy and much smaller in
battle than you would expect. He can stone you, so that's why the Mandacores
were brought with. But this time fighting him he did not stone anyone, just
used regular attacks and Flame once. The regular attacks are powerful if they
are on P.J., otherwise just a slight nuisance to your other (well-armored)
allies. After a few turns he will go down and the 8000 EXP + 20,000G are yours.

After the battle the group is upset it came to this, and Sandor is about to
leave. But Maytake stops him and hands over the Eye of Kalif. You then appear
out of the dungeon, so head back to Vaygess to rest. Then to Penan Castle.

Talk to the people at Penan and head to the throne room. Lynx says the king is
a rat and you will find this out. The oldest trick in the book of RPG's, the
classic throne room trap-door in front of the king.

Now you are in the huge Penan Sewers. Travel east and northeast to see a
treasure. Just keep going in that direction to see the path that wraps down to
the Mandacore. Back north from the treasure and west a ways until you see a
door that leads to Moon Drops.

From the Moon Drops room, go all the way south. You will see a treasure east of
you on the other side of the water, but it's just an Herbal Extract. Eventually
at the far south you see a spot to enter and a dragon south of you that you
can't reach yet. Rest up before you cross the bridge towards the dragon, but at
least Lynx will re-join you here.

The Ebony Dragon has a strong physical attack and likes Fire spells. Conversely
we will not want to use Fire magic on him as he has a strong defense towards
it. Use Shock with P.J. for ~250 damage each time, while the others use regular
attacks and heal. Second weak, disappointing boss in a row. 7500 EXP and 10,000
gold are your rewards.

The scene afterward is a good one. The prime minister is exposed as an impostor
as Prince Leopard proves his identity. Speak with everyone on the east side of
the castle after this, and then exit.

New enemies on the World Map. Lynx is probably far below your other characters
in levels so he'll be building up fast. We are now looking for Treefall, just
to the northeast.

Treefall is occupied by Danek, and their cronies you found on the field will be
all over here. Great place to level up. Enter the buildings to get an idea of
what is going on, and then head WAY back over to Vaygess to the Inn. A tough
battle looms at the north end of Treefall, with Cmdr. Rosale and two
Ultragoyles. Focus all attacks on Rosale to get him out of there since he does
not have a lot of HP but he will heal his Ultragargoyles. But eliminating
Rosale is just the beginning of the fight, as these Ultragoyles have an absurd
amount of hit points. So just focus on one of them initially. It will take
upwards of 10 turns to knock just one of them out and it could be longer with
all the healing you'll need to do after they use Inferno. But once you get one
down, it should be easy to stay healed with only one left to go after you
(though your MP will be expended by then likely). 16000 EXP and 9000 Gold are
your rewards for this well-fought battle.

After the battle you are given the key to the Sentinel Tree, as Treefall is
liberated from the Danek Empire. In addition you are given the Magic Key. Seems
we can go get the Orb of Fire now.

Check the rest of town. I had nearly 100,000 Gold at this point, so a trip to
the weapon shop is a must for Ice Sickles (+40 upgrade for Lynx + great for
Sandor too with a fire-based boss ahead). Kaiser Claw is a good purchase for
Rachel, while the Great Bow should be avoided (too expensive and the Wind Pipe
is better for the magic boost). We know the Orb of Fire is ahead so Ice Sickles
will be more valuable in the short term than the Wind Blades. Two nice things
for P.J. defensively, the cheap Raider's Cap and the Wizard's Robe.

North of treefall leads to the Sentinel Tree. Just head for the big bushy tree
north of you and P.J. will point out a spot to use the Key. Head on in to see
the big root. Head east and down the stairs to B2, then west and south for the
stairs to B3. Another set of stairs nearby, and you will be down at Firelake.

Lava flowing everywhere. Flame and Malybu just became a waste. Shock is your
new spell with all the fire-based enemies here; this is also why you want the
Ice Sickles too. We can't waste too much of P.J.'s MP and Shock is expensive
(unless you want to time your level-up right before the boss).

Starting off here, travel south a long ways, sticking to the east side of the
route. You will come to a Goat's Beard (+12 AGI for Accessory, good for Rachel
or Sandor). Back up the path and take the western route. When you reach a fork
on that end, take the southern path going west and you will find a Lava Ring.
This eliminates fire damage. Back and take the northern path, as it also wraps
west. This comes to yet another fork. Take the southern path west against for
Goddess' Love, which fully restores your party. Save this later for a tough
boss of course.

Back along the northern path going west. It wraps north and goes a ways until a
northwest - east fork. Take the northwest route for a Stardust item. The east
route goes a long ways, and then it heads south and splits southwest /
southeast. Take the southeast path for a Lifestone. Head west and this path
takes you to a huge, fiery monster. Rest up before this beast, it is Igneus. It
is amazing how easy he is though. Shock should do a ton of damage, and the Ice
Sickles should allow Lynx and Sandor to each do 100 damage. Rachel does about
60 so she can be the healer. But this battle won't take long at that rate, even
though Igneus has Inferno. His physical attacks are decent but hardly potent,
unless they are on P.J. 10000 EXP and 15000 Gold are your rewards for winning.

Cast Alakazam to bail out of here after you acquire the Fire Orb. Spoiler


Take off Rachel's Equipment to sell it later.

End Spoiler

Something slightly unexpected happens here with Rachel, as she decides to stay
at Treefall. You may have gotte the idea this would happen with what the
villagers said earlier.

Leave to the north and you will be in the land of Marwick. Northwest a long
ways in this land and you will come to the village of Marl. Rest at the Inn and
visit the weapon shop. The Mystic Rod make P.J.'s wisdom even more off the
charts. The Tool Shop actually has some cool things. Silver Flute is nice so
that Lynx never falls asleep (and the +16 WIS is nice too). Cat's Feet is
another AGI accessory. The house above the Tool Shop has a Jelignite.

Head to the Mayor's House in the far north. He will ally with you but can't
openly do so because of the Emperor. But he does mention the Eternal Lady and
that Otto is at the Shrine of Toth. Grab the 8000G and Turban of Altair behind
him. Sell any spare things in your inventory because you will need a lot of
room coming up.

Exit out and go east of the village to the Shrine of Toth. Speak with everyone
and you will be let into the back to talk to Otto. Big plot things here with
Sadoul, Elin, Ardor, etc. Once this is finished, leave the Otto room and talk
to the Priestess in the previous room. She tells of an underground labyrinth
here with an Orb below.

Back in Otto's room and speak with him to get him to join. Search the statue
here and Otto finds the magic red button to move the statue and show the
stairs. Head down those stairs.

North through the thin path in front of you. The east path ahead leads to a
library but we can't read anything off the shelves. North leads to Below Toth.
Left in the first area for an Exit Stone (note that you will begin to fight
monsters). East to the next area.

Head north and you come to an east / north intersection. North is a dead end so
go east, skipping the next north path too, and take the south one as it wraps
west for a Hellborne Axe. Just east of here is 9999 Gold and a Strange Brew.
The stairs to continue on are just west of here.

On the 4th floor, head all the way east, all the way south, then all the way
west. The treasure in front of you should be the Rune Shield. Back east and
north, taking the west path you passed up. This leads to the stairs.

Thin area here. Head south, but take the west + east paths you see which lead
to a Rune Wristlet and a Barrier Stone. Continue south a LONG ways to the next

Some different paths to take on this large floor. West and take the first
south. This path eventually goes east and north (follow it this way) to get the
10000 Gold coins. Back west, where you initially went south. This time continue
to the northwest corner, and then the path will go down. Stick to the southwest
as we want to take this long windy path to the Rune Armor treasure. Back to the
center and continue east to see a treasure; just go south, east and north to
get it, they are the Holy Boots. Then go back on the path and try to go further
east (just above that treasure) and you can then go south. This leads to the
stairs up at the far south.

Last floor. Just go north a long ways, no enemies here. You will come to the
Vay Armor. You also get a bunch of other Vay gear, which may force you to drop
items. Use an Exit Stone out or walk back for the EXP.

Return west to Marl Town. Rest up, sell more junk, then go to the mayor. Jeal
is here looking for the Orb of Soul, which you need to get them all and unseal
the armor. To Marwick Castle we go.

Enemies abound (probably Assassins out here). Otto blows open the locked-shut
door and you can go in. Take the left path when you can, and then go north a
LONG ways. At the northwest corner, go east and look for a spot south to go
through the wall. Now it's a maze in here, you want to work south a good ways
and east a tad for a room with numerous treasures. Starting from the right;
Bashy's Flute, Mega Spark, Puppy Dance, Stardust, Static Sling, Goddess' Love,
and a Faerie Cloud.

But don't trace your steps back quite yet. Instead, take the southwest path
into the hidden area (from the room with all the treasures) and then work your
way south and east to a Phoenix Heart. I would just use an Exit Stone now
instead of trying to find your way back, but you can do it if you want the EXP.

Back in Marwick Castle, go straight north up the stairs. Then south in the next
room for the stairs up. Two rooms in this area to the sides, but they are
empty. Just go north if you are reasonably healed up. Jeal awaits with some
Iron Giants. After some talking, he sends them to beat you up. Just use Blitz
twice to destroy them.

Cut scene after this, once Sadoul shows up. Exit Stone out of here and continue
north across the bridge (weird blip when you do so).

A few places you can go here on the map. The cave leads to Exeter, but you
can't go in there yet. Just go east to the Port Town of Penzance.

Rest at the Penzance Inn. The Item Shop has some new things, like the Golden
Harp for Lynx. That's nice, but the more important thing is the Wisdom Staff at
the Weapon Shop. This is 120,000 (at least the Staff you are selling is
30,000). The Laser Spear is also maybe worth getting for Lynx.

Search the barrels and boxes in the north part of town for a Static Sling. The
house in the northwest is home to Koban and Arvy. Search the box on the left
for a Fire Bomb. In the center of town there is some commotion, with the
patrons being kicked out of the bar by the Danek's. Check the Maritime Security
building east of here and even they don't like the Danek. Anyway, head into the
bar and save Arvy. One Malybu should be enough to fight these Danek's off.

Arvy takes you over to Koban's after this. The group discusses Red Cliff, and
Koban is going with to blow it up. You can go back in the Bar for a Leather
Teddy but it is useless. Rest at the Inn if you need to and leave Penzance.

North and west of Penzance is a tan / grey cannon-like structure on the map.
This is REDCLIFF. Red Cliff is not a big place to explore. Head south in the
first screen. East in the next and search the box for a Mega Spark. North in
the center for the door.

Lots of rooms here but ignore these west rooms and then the research room as
you go north and east. Just follow the path southeast and north to continue

New enemies in this room. Here you will go counter clockwise until you reach
the southwest corner. Then you can enter the center portion of this room.
Ignore the first right and take the second right as you go north. One box has a
Static Sling. Go northwest for an Exit Stone, and then east for the ladder.

Now you are in a new area but it looks identical, just that you are starting
from the center and working your way out. Go west for a Strange Brew, then take
it out the same way you did last room. But then you notice that you will go
east (the first room is empty). Take the second room all the way north and then
west to the stairs.

Big exit to the north in this room. But first get the Fire Bomb in a western
box. In the north room Koban quickly gets the detonator set, and then you exit.
Red Cliff then explodes.

Time to leave and go for the Cave that leads to Exeter. This time you can enter
with Koban at your side. You go in and get an audience with Kinsey the leader
of these pirates. Watch the cut scene and then the ship will be prepared.

When you regain control, go in the back room for 12,000 Gold and a Knight
Shield. Nothing else to do in this place other than talk to people. The shops
don't have anything special really, though you should at least have some things
to sell. You can buy a Raider's Whip if you want, that will be useful soon.

The ship is set to go. Kinsey is confident, but some strange thing happens and
you are forced to get off near Hectare. Give Kinsey the Raider's Whip once she
joins you. Just go south to enter Hectare.

Rest at the Inn if you need to. The building north of there is the Weapons and
Armor shop. The Aura Gauntlet and especially Aura Shield are nice at the
defensive shop and the Limb Lopper is good at the weapon shop. Expensive
though. However, by far the nicest thing in this place is at the Tool Shop.
Check out the Tiger Paws, +30 OFF and +30 DEF. Great value for Sandor and
Kinsey (probably should keep the Lotus on the Magicians).

Talk to everyone and then go to the Mayor's House in the north end of town.
Lots of treasures here that add up to 45100 Gold Coins and then speak to the
girl. She gives you a Spark of Hades and says if you use it, return to get
another one. The mayor upstairs is busy so just split from the village.

Head east on the World Map to see a Warship and some islands. Enter the area to
reach the Dock Zone. The party is wowed by the ship, and then Kinsey suggests
boarding it and taking out the captain. Nothing to find in this area so just go
north across the dock and then east.

As you go down into the Charnel, things are quiet. But then the door slams
shut. Betty June is waiting for you in the command room and taunts you. Take
the staircase near you and then go south in the next small room.

Now in a more open area. The north route leads to an empty cockpit and the
south path has another empty cockpit and two sets of stairs. They ultimately
both lead to the same place after some long paths, but each have different
treasures. First, take the right stairs down.

Ignore the north path, it leads to a platform but ultimately nothing here. Just
go south instead and you will be in a narrow room, with lots of beds. At the
far north are the stairs and a Laser Spear. Down the stairs to a new room. West
for more stairs back up (this is the other path). Search around for a Sirufa's
Kiss and then go downstairs. Now go all the way south to get to a new area.

Follow the narrow route down the stairs for a while, staying rested. Up ahead
is Betty June and the Eviscerator. Not a difficult fight, even though Betty
June has a tremendous attack. If Betty June attacks twice, that's close to 350
damage. So stay healed with Strange Brew, Restore, Panacea, etc. Sandor and
Lynx can attack for 110+ damage, Kinsey can use Shock or regular attack, and
P.J. can hammer away with L-Bolt and Shock. Shock is the weakest electric magic
and it will still take off 400+ if you have the best staff for P.J. Betty June
won't last more than 7-8 turns so use your best spells. 5210 EXP and 13250

Sandor and friends wonder what to do, and do some thinking and threatening with
Betty June. Of course Otto then walks on in. Otto then hypnotizes her to get us
on track to the continent Ossyk (to Dunton).

When the ship is finished, take the east exit to the 'Anchorage'. Check the
south house for a Tin Shield and Lava Ring. Outside the Inn is a Fire Bomb.
This leaves the shops, which have a plethora of high priced valuables for you
to purchase, in due time of course. First of which should be the Goddess' Cane,
just to max out P.J.'s already cheap magic power. The house in the northeast
has a Mega Spark. One last thing to get in the northeast if you really care, a

Time to head out. You can fight around here. Your EXP will fly up with all the
5800+ 4-person groups of enemies. In fact you'll have a hell of a time trying
to grind Gold for all those weapons, instead just build some levels and make
sure you have the Goddess' Cane to abuse P.J.'s magic power.

Far to the north on the Ossyk Continent is the Danek Castle. It's green and has
cool music. Just go north through the door to see a skeleton-like interior.
Lots of paths to go as you enter. First go right and in the door for a Rhino
Glove. Head all the way north and north through the mouth-like door in the next
room. Further north and you should reach Jesse's Helm.

Back to the beginning now and take the west door for an Exit Stone. Three more
doors west of here. Let's take the left one first, as it leads to the Titan
Armor. Now to the right path, as you see in the next area this one opens up a
bit more. Take the second north when you can, for a Mega Spark. All the way
east and north for a Titan Shield. West a tad and then north after this. You
will come to the wondrous Odin's Blade. Stick this on Lynx.

We leave now, and this time we take the middle path. It first nets us a Static
Sling and Fire Bomb (along with three new paths). Take the right path for a
Goddess' Love and the left for a Phoenix Heart. Southwest room has a Lava Ring
and southeast has a Stardust. Then take the north path all the way north and
try to talk to the weird face on the wall. Oh hey, it's
Fred! Buy some things from him if you want.

Return to the previous room, and take the left path. It leads to a plane, the
Red Dragon. Alas, no one can fly it at the moment. Take the right path instead.

This brings us to a room where we can only move on those tile paths. North and
east paths are ahead of you; take the north one for a Dragon Ring. Then take
the east path. It leads way up north to a new room. This room has three more
paths to take. Take the second one from the left. It will go south and takes
you to the east for a Plasma Whip. This should be valuable for Kinsey. The left
path is another long route, this time it leads to a Beam Lance. Back to that
room with four paths (four including the right-most one that you entered to get

The second eastern path goes a LONG ways. It will wind around the room twice
until you head through the center path. Now the path is thin and straight
north, until you see a huge smiling mouth. Go through and then north more in
the back. Elin is within. The orbs react; Kraeger, Romrus, Elynthia, all of
them. Sadoul shows up. We get a scene. The Orb of Soul is yours. Sandor now
dons the Vay Armor.

Once this is all done, I would Alakazam out of here and rest. One last chance
to stock up on items you may need. Hopefully you saved all the goodies like
Goddess' Love and so on. When you are ready, back to Danek Castle. Left and
take the middle door in the group of three doors. North in that next room, and
then take the left door (right before Fred, who is at the far north in this
area). The left door takes you to that red plane, the Red Dragon. The party
heads to Draktyr.

Enter Draktyr Air Castle to see a bright castle. Boss music for every fight
here. Start off by following the path and going east for a Mandacore and Fire
Bomb. Then back west and north. You will see these 'rooms' are identical, with
the big blue structure in the middle. Anyway, continue through them north and
then east. Soon they wrap south so take that first south path for a Jelignite,
Fire Bomb, Static Sling and Mega Spark. Back north and continue east several
rooms. Soon you have an option to go south, so do so. To the west you see
treasures in the other room so hook around and grab them when you get the
chance (Mega Spark and Static Sling). Nothing else to get on this floor, so
head south, west, north, and west a bit more to see the exit. Huge ramp to run
up and a door at the other end.

Through the door and go east and north all the way. In that door and you will
come to a healing pool after the stairs. Great place for a last minute
level-up. Out the south door.

Now this room is tricky. If you go left or right, you see identical rooms and
if you go in there are healing pools in there too. So it's a huge loop. Go all
the way to the right wall, and then north a tad. Go west until you reach the
second room from that side and go in. It should look different. Through the
north door in this small room and you are in the teleport area.

Take the north teleport. This sends you to the northwest. Only one teleport to
hit now (south of you) so hit it. Just keep taking them until you reach 4
teleports. You'll want to try out all the combos, until you reach the sets of
3. When you reach the set of 3 that goes vertical in the southeast, take the
middle one. This leads to 4 treasures; Phoenix Heart, Stardust, Goddess'
Love, and a Mandacore. Keep messing around with the sets of 3 and you reach a
room with 1 teleport and a door in the north. This is it. Rest up.

Ahead, we have Sadoul. He is in his special fake Vay armor. After some
chatting, we are transported to the summit to do battle one last time. This
battle is not too hard if you have hopefully saved all the nice items you have
found over your journey. I'm talking your Stardusts, Goddess' of Love, Phoenix
Hearts, and the Lifestone. Your basic strategy is to cast Thyxaal on Sandor,
who already does about 300+ damage with normal attacks. He will then take off
4x that (so 1200 each turn that he is Thyxaal-ed, for level 55 Sandor here).
Thyxaal takes 100 MP though, so you will want to split the duties between P.J.
and Lynx (they both have the spell) and then use up those Stardusts to restore
their MP. I had 4 of them saved up so that should be plenty. The Goddess' of
Love are vital since Lynx should be saving his magic for Thyxaal and not
healing. Sadoul is extremely strong so hopefully he doesn't target P.J. because
he can one-shot kill her easy. His magic attack is preferable as it only does
100 damage to each ally (30 to Sandor). This will still be a long battle so
expend those items, you will need to take off well over 20,000 hit points.

Enjoy the ending with the great crown Sandor gets and the sweet voice overs.


D) Ending


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