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Can you have babies in this game? 2
So what can you do? 2
How do I upgrade my house on the iPod app? 1
X-box 360 version?! 3
I tried the cheat but it is not working. What should I do? 1
Gardening help? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 6
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Why is my game messing up when i click on the relationship tab? 0
How do you open the pawn shop? 2
How do you start a romantic relationship? 4
How do you get you sim to get married (or budding romance or something)? 3
Can i cheat in sims 3 ambitions ? 2
How do you plant a garden? 1
How do I get into build mode?!? 3
Newest Update? 1
Why is my computer restarting and/or turning completely off? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 9

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