Flip Zoo – a new and unique puzzle game where you save a variety of animals by the power of turning platforms on/off with a single touch of the screen.

Guide the animals to the exits to save them from dying in a number of terrible ways. Sound easy? But, nothing’s as easy as it looks in this puzzler.

- Fiendishly designed levels and intuitive one-touch control system will have you hooked in seconds.

- Tutorial will quickly get you up-to-speed with how to play.

- Navigate perilous obstacles to guide a variety of runaway animals to the exits.

- 66 levels over three weird and wonderful worlds to complete.

- It’ll keep you hooked for hours.

- Level editor is included so you can create your own levels to challenge your friends.

- Funky music and hilarious sound effects.

"The graphics are great, the sound effects are hilarious, and the levels are clever. Really, top notch." - DeoreXT

Video Trailer:

I you liked Lemmings you’ll love Flip Zoo!

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