"Ho, matey! So you's the worm we found back in Barbados, eh? I oughta have you swab down the poop deck by yesself! But me's orders is me's orders, and dooty's dooty. Come along, you son of a seacow - today, before the paint dries, yes?"


Turn your petty crew into the most prestigious, powerful crew in the iPirates seas.

- Quest mastery
- Badges of honor to track your achievements
- Portrait AND landscape views

- FREE graphically-enabled, immersive massively multiplayer online role playing game for iPhone and iPod touch
- Gain power for your crew with numerous quests
- Equip your crew with weapons, alcohols, and ships
- Fight ONLINE with other players
- Countless hours of gameplay
- Global leaderboard to recognize the top crews

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Keywords: live, online, multiplayer, rpg, mmorpg, plunder, pirates of the caribbean

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