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A Delicate Mixture of Challenge and Fun! In the puzzle game Potpourrii, everything revolves around the seasons. For centuries, the seasons have followed a set pattern. But then things start to go awry in the forest. Suddenly, it's snowing while the sun shines and flowers bloom while leaves are falling. Then a strange purple goo appears. The leprechauns are stunned. Even worse, the magic oak of life loses its power.

It all turns out to be the fault of an evil wizard. You must help the leprechauns defeat him and restore natural order. To do this you need to collect seasonal spirits. Pick them up with the spirit cannon, shoot them at the center of the screen, group them and make them disappear. But watch out - they get faster and faster!

How To Play:
Shoot spirits from the cannons that move around a track that surrounds the swirling whirlpool (the "potpourii"). The spirits are suspended in here and it’s your job to add to the cluster by shooting a successor spirit into a chain of identical spirits, causing a chain reaction to make them disappear. Avoid making the chains of spirits too long however as touching the rim results in game over!

Here are some great review quotes:

‘Fun to play and provides a fun challenge to puzzle players everywhere.’ –

‘Strange and bizarre…yet incredibly entertaining’. A should Have – 4/5 stars -

- An action puzzle game that keeps you hooked
- Colourful visuals and beautiful effects
- Easy to use wheel controls
- Two difficulty levels
- Play short or long sessions with automatic saving
- Play your own music from the iPod library in the background
- E-mail your high scores to your friends

Potpourrii™ is developed by Abstraction Games and published by Chillingo Ltd

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