The latest game by the creator of "NINJA FIVE-O"Jump out into the night and gracefully dance with moon!The exhilarating Acrobatic action game is here!A shadow lurks within the darkness when the city suffers from an incident.The shadow, using its special wires, swiftly flies in and steals the"Cause" of that incident.No one knows who it is, but the few who have witnessed its flight havegiven it a name... The Moon DancerSimple and exhilarating Controls.Tap to set the Moon Wire!Shake to swing through the air!Jump freely on to the roof, attic and even walls,evade the pursuers and gracefully acquire the treasure!Run across rooftops, Wall climbs, Gyro Swings, spiral descent;Build up your skill and show off acrobatics that only true thieves use!- Cool acrobatic action using spring wires.- Interactive and intuitive play made to reality only on the iPhone/iPodTouch.- Stylish 3D graphics based on the shadowy nights where anything can happen.- Challenge yourself on unique maps within 5 areas, with a total of 16 scenes.- Included with a Play-Skill Evaluation function where you coordination is tested.- Easy Mode included where beginners can practice their controls.Now is the time to dance through the moon-lit skies!DynaFont is a registered trademark of DynaComware Taiwan, Inc.

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