In 1-2-3 Crossword, 'words' consist of numbers, instead of letters. The basic rule in forming these words is that NO word should contain a duplicate number.

OBJECTIVE: Reach the puzzle's solution as fast as possible by inserting numbers, knowing that the solution has no number repeated within any word.

The player moves a cursor from circle to circle by tapping the arrow buttons. A tap of a number button will insert that number in the circle at the cursor. There will be at most 3 numbers from which to choose at any circle.

AUTO-CHECK: Every 30 seconds an auto-checker changes any numbers not matching the puzzle's solution to red. Any numbers matching the solution change to green. Also during an auto-check, a new score is computed based on the number of correct numbers entered so far, elapsed time, and level of play.

UNLIMITED PUZZLES: The paid version includes an unlimited puzzle subscription via updates with an initial set of 100 puzzles. The Lite version has same feature set, but only 1 puzzle.

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