3D Space Flight is flight simulator, which allows you explore a 3D world.
Fly over a Mayan Pyramid, or dive through the Sun Rings.
This app demonstrates the amazing power of the 3D chip in the iPhone.
Explore this small virtual world using the iPhones accelerometer.
Tilt the phone to dive, climb, and steer in the space flight simulator.

We recognize this is not the next Quake, Doom, or Duke Nukem. But is a fun technology demonstration and hints at great game ahead.
If you love great apps like Blocked, Yo Mama, Kitty Kannon, Flick Fishing, ColorSplash, Pocket God, LightBike, White Noise, Touchgrind, Bejeweled, iBeer, iSoda, Super Monkey Ball, Field Runners, iFitness, SkyCoaster 3D, iDracula, Wobble Bikini Fun, Days of Thunder, MONOPOLY, iShoot, Card Counter, TETRIS®, Arcade Bowling, Infinite SMS, iJiggles Your Mom, Arcade Bowling, Fastlane Street Racing, Public Radio Tuner, ißurn, iHandy Level, Free Wi-Fi, Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, Bounce On Lite, Amazing Free Pickup Lines, Facebook, Lose It!, Rolando, Google Earth, Super Monkey Ball, Mood Phone, Zombie Attack!, i Sniper Free, Atomic Fart.... you'll love this!

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