This is the game, the number from 1 to 25 will be randomly placed on the screen. When you touched the number in correct order, they disappears from the screen.
Let's aim to shorten time, and compete for the best score.

Is your level a Expert? Genius?

After the game-level is selected, the monitor will display the game-screen.
Touch "New Game"?on the upper-right corner, the game will start.
Look the number displayed on?the navigation-bar, and touch the number from smaller to larger.(or, from larger to smaller.)
If you touched the wrong number while playing the game, 2 seconds will be added as penalty to the record.

-7 different game-levels.(Easy, Normal, Hard, and the other.)
However, the concealed-level games are unable to play until the hard-level game is cleared.
There are 4 concealed levels in all. Please challenge No.1 at each level!

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