"Age of Curling is the best curling app for the iPhone. If you’re a fan of curling you’ll love this game" -*** For a video visit the BLACKISH link below! ***Age of Curling brings the world-famous sport to your iPhone! Throw, curl and sweep in gorgeous realtime 3D graphics using intuitive touch controls.Age of Curling takes you through different epochs and places. Venues range from an 18th century castle moat to a modern stadium. No matter if you play a quick game or a full match, strategic challenges and competitive fun are guaranteed!• Play against the computer!• Player -vs- Player• Play Tournaments with up to 8 Nations! (New!)• 5 Venues• Superb realtime 3D graphics• Realtime physics (Improved!)• Realistic collision sounds (New!)• Intuitive touch-controls• AutoSaves at the beginning of each round• InGame-Guide explaining rules and controlsThe basic rules of Curling:• get your stones closer to the center than the closest stone of the opponent• only stones inside the "house" (the circles) count at the end of a round• only the team with the stone closest to the center scores• 1 point for each stone that is closer to the center than the closest stone of the opponent

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