The First World War has just started. Enemy planes are flying in great numbers past your position. You are armed with an anti-aircraft gun and your mission is to shoot down 80% of them. Simple? Think again.

The game has a realistic twist. Just like in real life, your bullet has a finite speed and trajectory that makes it harder to shoot targets the further they are. The technique of shooting at moving targets is called "leading". The further away the target, the higher you aim, to compensate for the effect of gravity on the bullet. Likewise, the farther away a moving target is, the further in front of it you should aim.

Your anti-aircraft gun has an infinite number of rounds but this will be of little use if you can't hit the target. For that reason we have included a practise screen with large, bright targets.

Aiming and shooting is easy. Simply touch the screen and the visor (or crosshairs) will come into position. As long as you touch the screen, the gun will fire. It will briefly stop firing when you move it quickly across the screen.

The percentage of aircraft shot down is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Good luck!

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