****************************************SUPPORT iPHONE OS 4.0 and GAME CENTER!!!Ancient Tribe is updated to iOS 4.0 and added Game Center. Now you can submit your tribe's statistics to Game Center's Leaderboard and compare with other players.****************************************iTune reviews(U.S.):--------------"Great game worth every penny!""Very fun. Get it while it's on sale!""Great job on a great game, it's not too casual and not too harcore. I only wish there were hero units!This is probably one of my better apps."--------------In the Ancient world of Savage, you play as the God of the ancient tribe in this real-time strategy game. To help your tribe grow, you got to help them to gather food by hunting, collect natural resources to upgrade your village and expand the village's population. At the beginning of the game, you are provided with three villagers. You are supposed to guide them in the hunting ground to find resources and food so that your village can expand. You can recruit new troops,research for new classes of tribal people by upgrading the existing tribe's equipment and technology. When your tribe's population reaches 10,000, they will eventually pay tribute to you by building a miracle right in front of your eyes.Besides improving your tribe, you can improve your godly powers by sacrificing some of your tribal people and resources. There are five godly powers you can use to help your people. Thunder and earthquake helps to destroy the enemies within the affected area. You can summon a healing rain to heal your injured troops or a storm wind to improves the speed of your units' movement. On the hunting ground, your tribe will walk in terrains like forest, desert, volcanoes and ice land. They will meet various kinds of beasts such as boars, elephants and tyrannosaurus and you can help trap them and let your tribe ride on them and the beasts will become part of your army. There is also a big Boss team with special powers in the wild. You can train them up to become your hunting troop.The game comes with nine different types of new classes of tribal people to research and add to your army. They are slinger, hunter, spearman, shaman, witch doctor, mystic, beserker, warrior and villager. They have their strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to deploy them to the best of your knowledge as a God. This game supports multi-touch functions - you can touch and drag on the screen to control the movement of your troops.Main Features:- Easy to master strategies- Multi-touch controls- 9 different types of tribal classes to recruit- More than 10 available animals to ride- 7 mighty godly powers to obtain- Tens of wild beasts to tame- Special talented Boss hero.- Marvelous graphics and sound effectsFor technical support or any inquiries about the game, please email and FeedbackOur iPhone/iPod Touch Forum is now live, please visit our web site and provide your comments and feedback so that we can improve.================

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