Ascraeus is the product of a serendipitous collaboration between three friends: a programmer from Chicago, and two music producers from Minneapolis.

Josh and Dan: "We should join forces to create an iPhone app of sprawling, epic beauty."

John: "Fantastic! I'm already working on a game that would greatly benefit from some professional audio production."

Part memory game, part twitch-arcade game, and part fantasy voyage through an extra-dimensional audio dreamscape, Ascraeus will transform your dreary morning commute. Deploy your headphones and let Estate's exclusive, original soundtrack wash over you.

How to play:

- Blue, green and yellow targets float around the screen in paths of ever-increasing complexity.
- Touch the targets to prevent them from exploding.
- Exploded targets emit particles which are absorbed by any remaining targets. Chain reactions may occur.
- Accuracy is strongly rewarded. The score multiplier increases as your touch streak grows. "Work smarter, not harder."
- White bonus targets provide point and multiplier increases.

- Colorful, attractive graphics complete with mesmerizing particle effects.
- Unlimited levels of play.
- High scores list.
- Exclusive, original soundtrack and sound effects meticulously crafted by Estate.

Estate on the web:

Known Issues:

* Soundtrack may not play if iPod functionality has been used recently.

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