Here is an oldschool version of Battleship game with just two necessary things — squared paper and a pen.

Deploy your fleet, do first salvo and come into the battle.

Just squared paper, pen and passion — like in schoolwork's times.


Place your ships on the battlefield by dragging them with your number one finger. Tap ship to change orientation.
Press “Deploy fleet” and start to fight.

Then, you have your enemy’s field, there you have to place target and press “Fire!” button. Who will kill all enemy’s ships first — he wins.


All sounds are made by live voice. It’s incredible experience.
There are two modes for the game — classic and alternative. It depends on shots’ number you can do then your turn
Oldschool painting style — just like in school squared paper.
Self-training AI. Beware of it.

- Spelling correction
- Nuclear weapon

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