Play Blackjack on your iPhone along with others sitting right next to you! You've played alone or online with strangers before, but now you can finally play with your iPhone friends right at the table.

Blackjack Live takes advantage of new features in OS 3.0 to connect your iPhone with other players nearby. You can be the dealer and host your own game or join an existing one.

As the dealer you hold your iPhone like a normal deck of cards and swipe the screen like you were actually dealing out a card. Watch as the cards fly from your phone to the other players' phones at the table.

As a player you tap your phone to 'hit' or swipe over your cards to 'stand,' just like at a real Blackjack table.

To see a full demo watch the video at:

Multi-player game is not compatible with 1st generation iPhone or 1st generation iPod touch

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