You are a covert ops trooper, air-dropped into a remote jungle to investigate a crashed UFO, when unexpectedly you are faced with a bigger problem...

A massive swarm of blood sucking MOSQUITOS!

Fight for your life by smashing hordes of mosquitos before they suck all your blood! Watch your arm and kill them as they land! Keep an eye on your health, and don't forget to check your hand!

Chain together kills to earn points and increase your point multiplier!

Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest multiplier and top score!

Blood Lust by Rad Lab features:

- Fast, simple, and addictive gameplay.
- Detailed, colorful artwork and animation.
- Engaging original music and sound effects.
- Arcade style high score system to record your best games.

Have a suggestion? Let us know! If we like it, we may include it in the next free update. Enjoy!


- Drag your finger across screen to move the view around.
- When a Mosquito lands, tap it to squish it.
- Smashing Mosquitos in quick sucession will build your point multiplier and increase your score quickly.


- Global High Score System! Submit your high score to the leader boards!
- By player request, gameplay has now been tuned to be faster!

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