Squash the creepy crawlies before you have an infestation on your hands! Move through eight rooms battling the bugs to win the war against pestilence, cleaning up each room after you for bonus points. The clock is always ticking and who will know when another critter will crawl onto the scene?

This exciting and fun game will have you frantically tapping your iPod Touch or iPhone, so remember: this game is a simulation only - don't damage your device! Punching not necessary!


? Eight realistic rooms each with gorgeous custom photography
? Squash hundreds of bugs as quickly as you can
? Realistic sound effects
? Option to enable more realistic bugs (no bugs were harmed during the making of this game)
? High score to keep track of your progress
? Bored of the built-in graphics? Use one of your own photos (or take a picture if you're on an iPhone) and have creepy critters crawling all over your friends' faces!

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