Have you ever downed your favorite beverage and let out what you thought to be the loudest and deepest burp that no one else could possibly match? Has your mother ever told you that it is impolite to burp but deep down you felt your efforts to produce such a vibrant sound should be seen as an impressive talent? Are you searching for a game that you can use to prove that your iphone is better than your friend's phone while having a fair judge to declare your as the "King or Queen of burping"?

Allow me to introduce, YouBurp!: The smartest and most entertaining game of burping that you can use to compete with your friends (just make sure you are at least 35 ft. away if you feel a rotten egg stench belch coming on). And if anyone hates on your Mozart style belching, kindly remind them that burping is a natural bodily function that everyone does it. Just tell them that the gas has to come out someway and most people prefer it more than the opposite end. In fact, some cultures view burping as a compliment to indicate that their food was good. A loud burp is also known to release stress. Burping with your friends releases even more stress and allows you to have a great time.

So go ahead, allow yourself to take pride in your ability to burp and YouBurp! will take care of recording and analyzing your results. The perfect game to keep you entertained at parties, bars and appropriate events, just please try to withhold from using at the dinner table.

You Burp!

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