CCG Seer is your one-stop shop for simplifying your gaming experience! Essentially CCG Seer combines your three most common collectible/trading card game (CCG/TCG) needs in one simple application:
-Comprehensive card catalog for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, World of Warcraft and Vs.
-A deck builder
-A basic life tracker
With nearly 20,000 cards in its database, there's no worry of not finding the card you need! And with fully indexed tables, search and card groupings custom to each game, finding that one card couldn't be easier.

CCG Seer's deck builder leverages the same great card database to simplify your deck creation. Just name your deck, choose a game and then select the cards you want using a truly simple interface. Make changes later? No problem, just edit the work you've already done and you're there.

The main problem with an application like this is you're likely to use it while you're already playing a game! To make things easier on you, we've included a basic life tracker that maintains state and can be used without losing your place in the card catalog or deck builder. It may not replace other life trackers, but its great for those times when you really don't want to leave CCG Seer.

Key features for CCG Seer include:
-A database of nearly 20,000 cards from Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vs. and World of Warcraft - over 250 sets!
-Full spoiler text for each and every card
-Multiple navigation options including search, groupings and index navigation
-A deck builder leveraging the same deck database
-A basic life tracker that remembers where you were, even if you leave CCG Seer
-The ability to switch between the individual parts of CCG Seer without losing your place (great for making adjustments to a deck during a game!)

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