5 Games for the price of 3! Crypto Game Mix 1 is a collection of our first 5 iPhone games. It is a great value for people that want games to play in 3 to 5 minutes of spare time. Don't worry though. All the games save the place you were at. All the word games use the same extensive (110,000 word) multi-ligugal dictionary. All the games are fully resident on the iPhone without the need for a network connection. So great on the plane, train or bus. Or wherever! All the games are designed for play between 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on level set for the game. And it includes our latest game Crypto Hexapawn, an artificial intelligence based learning application. Please check the individual games descriptions on the App Store as well for more information. Click on the "ALL APPLICATIONS BY CRYPTOCYBERNETICS, LLC." link to see them all!

Crypto Games Mix 1 includes:

Crypto Scramble. This is our popular word scramble game. You are presented with 4 words with the letters scrambled and your task is to unscramble them into the correct spellings. An extensive dictionary in three languages allows play in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Crypto Hunter. This is our very popular word square game. The player solves the puzzle by finding all the hidden words. Forwards, backwards, and diagonally! The difficulty is adjustable from easy to hard and for a real challenge try the extra large word square. The big word square is not recommended for players with BIG fingers, but give it a try anyway. Play with English, Russian, or Spanish word lists.

The Games Mix 1 also includes our 3 latest games!

Crypto Observation. A game to challenge your memory. Uncover pairs of pictures to match them up. If the pictures don't match remember where they are and match them up in the following turns.

Crypto Cupid. A game of logic. The goal is to mend all the broken hearts. Just know that every heart you touch affects those around it, and sometimes you have to break a heart for a while to mend all the hearts. The score starts as a negative number and 0 is the perfect score.

Crypto Hexpawn. A game as well as a teaching tool. It shows how machine intelligence ( or AI ) in a simple form can evolve as the iPhone in combination with the App learns to play the game; learning from its mistakes to become the superior player. The machine plays random legal moves. Even if a win is obvious the machine does not know what a "win" is so still makes a move at random. The negative feedback it receives when it loses causes the App behavior to increase the winning strategy. Even without knowing what a win is! Reset the brain to begin the training again! A great diversion and a way to show simple machine learning.

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