Crypto Hexpawn is both an interesting game as well as a teaching tool. It shows how machine intelligence ( or AI ) in a simple form can evolve as the iPhone in combination with the App learns to play the game; learning from its mistakes to become the superior player. The game play is very simple. The board is 3 x 3 and the pieces move in a manner similar to the way pawns move in chess. The exceptions are there is no doubled movement, and no capture "en passant". The game is won when a player, Human or AI, reaches the respective last row, or when the player is unable to move on their turn, the opponent wins.

There is a mechanism to check the workings of the AI "brain". You can display the basic information the machine uses to learn, as well as see the machine correct its bad behavior when it loses. In the beginning it is easy to beat the machine intelligence. The machine plays random legal moves. Even if a win is obvious the machine does not know what a "win" is so still makes a move at random. The negative feedback it receives when it loses causes the App behavior to increase the winning strategy. Even without knowing what a win is!

It is possible to reset the "brain" to make it lose its memory of strategy and board positions so that the entertainment can start all over again. A great diversion and a way to show simple machine learning.

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