If you like or you liked the old western cartoon movies, action, humor and realtime strategy then CvsI is a must for You!

The story takes you to a funny wild west, where the two well-known character fights their battle against each other : the COWBOY and the INDIAN.
...But you never saw similar before! :)

Its got ruckus, thunder, magic, detonation, tomahawk in it, and a barrel plays some part later on as well...


The game follows the path of the great ancestors, offering you a mix of realtime strategy,action and humor in a slightly different way.

You can be the Indian and make the life of Cowboy harder, or you can be the Cowboy having a revenge for it all.

During the game you will conquer territorries, and take them away from your opponent. The more territorries you control the more funny special ability will be yours for use during the which you will need the best of your reflexes and your strategy. Beware, your opponent will always have a dirty trick to use in the worst moment against you :) And be prepared for a lot of laughing!

Game elements:
- Countless strategies for winning the war
- 12 battle regions
- 8 funny abilities for your character
- Infinite gameplay script and combination
- Cartoon movie feeling and sounds too
- As you progress in the war your abilities will improve
- Fun time for the older and younger too.

This game is hard to stop and your midriff may suffer some damage too :)
...And hard mode is... only for fanatics!

Firstly for You, who likes to play, having fun and to have a laugh, and for everyone who buys the game.

An update is coming soon which will include new maps and many new special abilities for the players.



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