Dance Music Man is a simple and fun game for kids of all ages. Play funny sounds to the music while the old man dances, or poke him and see what happens.

There is no score, there is no challenge, it is just plain old fashioned fun of pushing buttons and making funny sounds to get hours of entertainment from young to old.

Dance Music Man is simple, entertaining, mindless fun for kids of all ages. For adults it's easy click and go - there are no crazy setting or confusing menus, it's is 1 song - 4 sounds - all fun, just start the game and hand it off.


* Cool Music

* A Funny Old Man Dancing

* Funny Sounds

* Big Fun

Dance Music Man is recommended for players who love Sponge Bob, Barnyards, Webkinz and Club Penguin.


Created by Mini Fun World


Dance Music Man is a great game and we need more Great Reviews and more 5 STARS!!! Please take a second, give us a good one and tell your friends!!!

Mini Fun World is the awesomest developer of the most fun 99¢ games on the iPhone!

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