You will love this game because you will hate it.* NEW 3.0 Feature: Listen to your own iPod library while you lay pipe!FLOverload v. 2.0 is not just an update of the original, but a complete rework. The music, game environment and game play are so much better it should probably be called v. 5.0. Whether you enjoyed our original product or not, we can guarantee that you will enjoy this fine line between love and hate.The entire game UI has been improved and enhanced. The game play has been simplified, pipe selections and pipe fits are crisp and quick. No guessing or spinning trying to find the right piece, what you see is what you get. Put the right piece in the right place and every level can be beaten... even the 40 NEW LEVELS! We have added a full set of instructions so you can prepare yourself for this new challenge. FLUSH OR BE FLUSHED. Time is now your enemy. Beat the clock and complete your plumbing, touch the clock and it flushes the level. But if you run out of time, the clock flushes you.Upcoming Updates:* 2 New Play modes* More levels* Level builder

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