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Are you anything like Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese-born explorer who led the very first expedition that sailed around the world? Do you have a strait named after you like he does? Don’t know where the Strait of Magellan is?.. play GeoTap and you will find out. If you already are a geography superhero, then your head may be in the shape of a giant globe just as Magellan's was. But chances are your melon is merely normal looking and void of geographic superpowers. That's boring. But do not despair. Play GeoTap and you can become a modern day Magellan!


“Well done. 5 out of 5 stars.”
-- (Full review:

“This game is a blast and puts my high school geography skills to the test. I see this being one of the most useful learning tools for
-- (Full review:

“If you’re looking for a game that is easy to pick up and play, addictive and educational to boot, then you should definitely check out Geotap.”

“It’s really fun.”
-- (YouTube episode:

"I had an awesome time playing GeoTap. You will be surprised how many cities, landmarks, or events you have never heard of when you play this game. GeoTap is a very smart game that is fun, challenging, and actually teaches you something (what a concept for a video game)."
-- (Full review:

"GeoTap is a game that let's you celebrate your inner nerd..."
-- The iPhone Round Up (YouTube episode:

“Fun, addictive, and educational.”
-- Soda Popinski

“I couldn’t find my underwear this morning but thanks to this game I can find Lake Titicaca on a map."
-- G. Alkhas

“Love it! I’m seriously addicted to this game. I cannot stop playing it.”


GeoTap is an addictive geography game that uses a beautifully designed map interface to test you on the location of hundreds of cities and landmarks all over the world. Your job is to navigate the map and quickly and accurately identify each location. Answer accurately and you will advance to further rounds where the questions get tougher and the stakes get higher. See if you can make it through every round and be crowned a modern day Magellan. Warning: Few have been able to do it.

GeoTap is designed for all ages. If you love fun, then play this game.


- Crisp map design
- Supports both pinch and tap gestures
- Responsive 32x zoom capability
- Ability to listen to your music and podcasts while playing
- Play Resume feature in case your game is interrupted
- Large database of over 800 global locations (with more to come)
- Travel the globe with just the tap of your fingers

- New game-play mode
- Challenge friends via text and Facebook
- New locations

KEYWORDS: Geography, Trivia Games, Strategy Games, Quiz Games, Puzzles, Travel, History, Education


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