NEW VERSION! - Now includes a new new Soft Drinks Logos game.

How well do you know the Logos of Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7Up, etc...?

It's been a while since we last updated - but we are back! We will keep adding new games... So keep on sending us your logo suggestions :-)


How well do you remember the logos you see around you every day?

Guess the Logo puts 6 highly visible variations of the same logo in front of you and asks you to choose the right one. Players with the fastest times get bragging rights on our site!

This is the iPhone version of the popular logo quiz, already played by millions across the web.

There are 9 challenges, each including 10 logos:

* Web Logos 1
* Web Logos 2
* TV Logos
* Car Logos
* Fast Food Logos
* Chain Store Logos
* Airline Logos
* Sportswear Logos
* Soft drinks Logos

New challenges will keep updating directly to your iPhone!

What users are saying:

“You’d think that with the amount of time I spend on the net, I’ve done better on the GuessTheLogo contest.”
- Leo Laporte , net@night with Amber and Leo

“Warning: The logo quiz results can break your heart. Play at your own risk. I couldn't get even Google correct.”
- Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration

“It just goes to show that the eye first sees color, then shape, then text, but the order of the colors and shapes is less important, apparently.”

“A really creative way to test how well you know your favorite logos - how good are you?!”

“If your self-image depends on knowing the correct order of colors in the Google logo, you may end up crestfallen.”
- Lore Sjoberg, Wired Blog

“1-2-3…Now open your eyes and see. I just came across this wonderful game tonight …. All you have to do is dare and just guess the right logo design for well-known brands because no great discovery was ever made without a bold guess…”
- Logo Design Blog

“I bet most of the readers couldn’t even get Google right.”

“The devil is in the detail!”
- Perrin124, Via StumbleUpon

“That was hard as hell...CNet isn't all that popular, but how did I get Google wrong?”
- Hacbarton, Via StumbleUpon

“I must not pay attention to logos. It took me 6 tries on Google and it is set as my home page.”
- MrDarkSim, via Digg

“Way too hard. This is also lose-lose. If you do bad, you’re an idiot. If you do good, you spend too much time online.”
- Ryand10 ,via IamBored

“This is so funny. We spend so much time on making it just right, and I can't even remember most of these.”
- Vdowsett, Dowsett Designs, Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum

“Man, I am officially a inter-nerd (my word, don’t steal it). I knew way more about logos than I thought. I guessed all but one on the first try. Scary. Alright, I’m off to go try and find a life.”
- John,

“Ha! Never noticed the [Amazon] a-z connection before. It all makes sense now.”
- Ilya Vedrashko, comment on adver lab

“A fun waste of time and branding exercise all in one place”
- Stephen Gates - Interactive Creative Director

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