Halma ("jump" in Greek) was invented around 1880.

This board game has several popular variants, such as games on square board from 8x8 to 16x16 and star-shaped boards. The star-shaped variant is also known as Chinese Checkers. The number of players also varies: from two to six.

This app lets you play two-player Halma on a square 8x8 board (same board as in the game of chess). You could play against iPhone or against another player on your iPhone or over the Internet.

The Application includes:
-eBook with complete rules of the game and interactive illustrations.
-Single player and two-player game modes.
-Animations show possible moves. This is useful for learning the game: only allowed moves are shown.
-Configurable difficulty level.
-Undo and redo buttons allow to review the whole game and try a better move at any point.

Let us know your suggestions and comments.

Russian name: ??????

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