iCollider has been updated to version 2.0!
See below for a long list of changes!

iCollider is a crazy non-stop tapping action
with puzzle elements!
There’s no science, there’s madness!
To pass this game and discover all atoms
You need a fast reaction and light-speed situation assessment.
Looks slow at the beginning iCollider little by little accelerates to
enormous atoms appearing speed.

Tap an atom. It will explode and launch neutrons
in different directions. When neutrons
collide with another atoms they cause chain reaction.

As You play You will discover new atoms with
special features. Some of them can help You,
and some of them can make game harder.
Their features will be described during gameplay.
Atoms You discover are added to Your achievements table.

Game hilights:
- many visual effects, explosions and deformations
- fast game engine
- huge amount of animations on the screen at once
- crazy and non-stop player reaction training :)

Keywords: collider, physics, sci-fi, explosion, atom, fusion, shmele, skywardsgames

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